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Saturday, 30 May 2009

fly strike armour fashion

Seems to have been a busy time, though I don't really know why. Thought you might like to see the Easter Chicks now they have been released from their shed. Big boy bought 24 meat chicks as day olds at the beginning of April 2009. One went off its legs quite early and had to be despatched, but the rest are trying hard for a normal life. If they were still in their meat shed, with their 12,000 brothers and sisters they would face certain death for the table at 14-16 weeks old. These 23 rescued birds are now 8 weeks old. They weight absolutely loads, and have really peculiar (read deformed) breast, leg and hip. They don't seem to articulate in their joints like normal chooks, and they think only about eating and resting. However, they have now been released into the yard to live with the brown hens and they seem to be coping quite well with life in the open. Will keep you posted on their progress. We are hoping that they can scratch, bathe, lay eggs and become 'yard birds' but not sure how their joints will hold up. Interesting experiment. They have no fear of humans and eat EVERYTHING in front of their beaks...and crap as they walk.
Skipper is wearing his fly protection gear. The flies were biting him mercilessly, and he seems grateful when he gets the fly pyjamas put back on after he has been out. They pull on over his head, its like dressing a very tall 2 year old. Spray all other exposed bits of him with repellent, and then he's comfortable - what a faf! Little black pny belongs to neighbour and has equally embarrassing set of pyjamas.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Richmond North Yorkshire moors

Popped up to North York Moors on Monday after skiving off work even earlier than usual (appointment in Durham Tuesday). Spent the night in the very beautiful and seemingly undervalued town of Richmond (water, historic buildings, beautiful views in every direction...) then wandered over the bleak but awe-inspiring moors (including the gloriously named Arkengarthdale) to a tiny village called Escomb to look at the earliest Christian Church in the entire country! Well we've seen it now. Lovely little building. Made our way (quite by chance) to the Bowes Museum, (Queen Mother Elizabeth Bowes Lyon family collection - boy were they loaded) and finally ,crossed eyed with visual delights and historic information, got to our appointment at 4pm. Long drive home, but well worth it, and feel like I've had at least a week off. Called to see friend on way home, and her three new foals, one of which won a foal show class at the weekend, quite a striking little filly. House we stayed in at Richmond deserves a section all to itself, hosts Austin and Tim (retired english teachers) were an education in themselves. Do look it up if you are passing or give them a google. National RHS gold medal garden among their many achievements. Their palace of relaxation is called Millgate House, eclectic, extravagant, whippet occupied, georgian equivalent of forth bridge - has to be seen to be believed. A joy.

Monday, 4 May 2009

bank holiday breather

Hip-pip - all visitors pushed off home today after weekend drinking and carousing owing to one daft Bank Holiday day (today). Always a flash in the pan, this year no different. All units full (indeed over-full in some cases) with quite a lot of complaints about drunken arguing, late night shouting etc etc. If they don't want any noise, don't come to a caravan park during a Bank Holiday... Normal service now resumed, and peace reigns for remainder of the season. Spring Bank holiday not so bad because we are full for the week, so won't have all these weekend carousers!

Skipper been very good, 12 year old girl rode him the other day, and had a great time. Biggest horse she's ever tried. His back is a bit sore though, physio been, (not done any good as far as I can see) coming again in 2 weeks. If that's no good may have to ask vet for drug solution. Its all muscular. A bit like me. Not. Big boy at Boston fair tonight spending hard-earned Bank holiday wages, youngest slothing at home after weekend of partying. Oh to be young, and wise....