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Friday, 30 September 2011



Thursday, 29 September 2011

Flickr & animation....

Today, at home, I have managed to make a short animation as a result of one of yesterday's lectures. Not content with the warm glow of achievement the finished result gave me (and its a weak effort) I have managed to wrestle it into uploading on Flickr!!! Now all I need is someone to tell me that they can view it..... hmmmm, a challenge. I seem to have the identity smithsonwhitehead on Flickr. Go on, give it a try.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

moles, toads and the little yellow horse

Mole scarer!


1st college art piece

lens distortion

the farmer and the yellow horse

coming in for a third place.

Been quite busy so a bit late blogging this month. The start of my University degree course has been busy, time-consuming and exciting. Have now got the hang of driving the 40 miles there and back in unstressful and enjoyable way. Have offered another student a lift home two days a week to have someone to chat to which will also help I hope.

The mushroom like structures pressed into the garden are MOLE SCARERS with integral lights. They were expensive. I can hear them vibrating their 'scary to mole' sounds. They light up beautifully at night. Sadly, as can be seen, they do NOT appear to actually scare any moles. The mole has tunnelled up near each one, had a thorough look around the vibrating stems, laughed scornfully at the 'mole scarer' noises, and tunnelled off again. I have put peppermint capsules in his runs, castor oil (apparently a guaranteed deterrent), chilli, diesel oil etc, etc. He seems to love the dietary variety and just keeps coming back for more! Couple of mole scarers going CHEAP here!!!

The farmer found the gorgeous toad trying to dig a hole to hibernate on a farm track this week. Obviously toady's judgement a bit 'out' re suitable digging surfaces. He was relocated to a more welcoming and appropriate environment, where the ground was not rock hard and dry as a bone. The toad was a superbly handsome fellow, and possibly the biggest specimen I have ever seen in my life (human male toads excepted...)

And today there was a small local horse show about 2 miles away. The farmer thought the little yellow horse might enjoy a spin, and therefore I spent yesterday afternoon grooming the horse to within an inch of his life, shampooing his mane and tail, scrubbing his feet and generally polishing him up. This morning the Farmer donned his 'show jacket' bought especially for yellow horse outings, and strutted his funky stuff in the show ring. A better run up from the Farmer would have brought 2nd place, but in the event they settled for 3rd. It was not the horse's fault. Even the Farmer knew that he had rather let the horse down. I shall be 'trotting up' the Farmer on a regular basis to improve his technique in the coming weeks.

The boys are both off to their respective Uni's this week, their excitement is palpable. We are all packing feverishly to get them away promptly and with everything needed for a successful academic engagement.

Have blogged the photo of my very first University art piece. Crappy, and difficult to do, we had to draw and draw, then tear up the piece (deconstruction, apparently), and then stick it all together with tape in a different shape (reconstruction). I'll get my head around this stuff sooner or later, I guess. I am old, of course, and find new concepts difficult to process!

And finally. Took some portrait photos of myself, with a view to sketching out a self portrait on a canvas. When I loaded the photos into the computer I found that a plump, middle aged, grey haired woman had pushed her way in front of me and the photos were all of her. I vaguely recognised her, in an abstract sort of way, but she was much older than me, and much, much wider. Friends now advise that it is some sort of lens distortion on these newfangled digital cameras, so I shall not worry about the outcome any more. Its a type of electronic malfunction, apparently. Obviously, in the absence of excellent and accurate photos of self shall not be able to do the portrait, but this is a small cost to pay for not looking at that fat old lady for a moment longer than necessary.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

royal naked ladies!

Well, here they are:

The Big Boy and I had a day out to view Sandringham (The Queen's Norfolk Estate) on Monday. What a treat! Just the two of us. And the Estate was pretty scrumptious too. Enjoy the photos. It did rain very hard. That is absolutely the only reason that I look so awful in the Buddha photo. Honest! I don't know why people had left offerings of money on the Buddha. He was absolutely covered in small change. Obviously we added our coins and made a wish. Just in case.

In other news: I registered as a Student today. Induction day on Friday. So excited practically widdling! Bag, files, pens, paints and paper at the ready. If I hate it I shall have egg all over my face! Well, I'll soon know. The lovely M is here for three nights with the Baby Boy, who worked his last shift at Butlitz today. He came home laden with goodbye gifts. He also took his Manager a bouquet this morning. Bet that gave her a surprise! He wanted to show his appreciation of her skillful and tactful management throughout the summer. He has a generous heart. Just waiting for the Big Boy to return from a Sale viewing with his Grandfather, then, joy of joys, its a take-away tea. Bring it on!

I will load the photos when Blogspot decides it wants me to.....