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Sunday, 26 July 2009

all-star cast attend opening night of garden shed!

Things still civilised - shed just after official opening

Things getting a bit 'messy'. New shed owner and friends (though not this friend...) demonstrating that shed can double as Sydney Opera House with showgirls...

Saturday night found us all responding to an 'official engagement' invitation to a star studded bring-a-bottle opening ceremony (incuding fish and chip supper rounded off with chocolate cake - who could resist). My friend's newly installed garden shed complete with toilet paper ribbon was officially opened by the town's mayor (in an unofficial capacity, and wearing a paper chain of office) who made a lovely, if slightly slurred, speech before wielding the scissors. Such was his condition, and the tone of the evening, it was nothing short of a miracle that only the paper ribbon was severed! We all crowded inside for a photograph or two to record the happy event (surprisingly roomy for a shed) and after consuming their fair share of bubbly stuff, stuff with fruit floating in it, and amber liquid in exploding cans, I drove my very cheerful family home before things got really messy. (Bet there are some headaches this morning, and not just my family...) It was a lovely evening, and what a novel idea - pass me the cheque book, because I really want one now!
Now into week 4 of raw food and bone diet for new puppies. What a success! Small poo, no odour, easy pick up consistency (omg) enthusiasm at mealtimes and excellent weight gain and coat condition. So far they have consumed masses of minced beef and chicken, whole raw chicken necks, whole, raw chicken thighs, minced raw tripe, whisked egg in a little milk, endless supply of beef rib bones for chewing and gnawing. They are devouring all the small RAW bones they can get their jaws round (and its mostly safe as the bones are uncooked). Wouldn't have believed it if we hadn't tried it ourselves. Its the difference in the pooh that is so surprising. Processed/cooked food all seems to have lots of stuff added, that comes out the other end. Not much left to come out with the raw, though meat & bones not quite so easy to handle as kibble of course. Will keep you posted.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

midnight walking

Last Saturday night, 10.30pm. 180 women (including me, my sis and my lovely niece) warmed up with a few aerobics in local sports hall, then set off to walk 6 miles around the town. Sponsorship money totalled approximately £11000 for the local Hospice. It was a great evening, we walked on bubble power, and I was a bit tipsy by the time we finished the walk. Quite proud to have been part of such a successful fundraising effort, and will be joining again next year.
Skipper the wonderhorse still having luxurious and restful time in field as small puppies are taking up an enormous amount of the day with feeding, walking, cuddling and collecting all the things they have stolen out of the kitchen. It can only get better.
Having new road surface put down at the salt mines. Can only lay the tar when it doesn't rain (difficult), and they need all vehicles off the roads and car parks when they are working. As we are paying for all this, and the stress of it has been and continues to be very high, hoping they get almost finished today so that we can wave goodbye to them tomorrow at the latest. If the rain holds off. All guests and caravan owners a bit tired moving their cars I suspect. All I can hear as I sit at Reception today is the peep, peep, peep of reversing lorries, the rustle of the grit falling onto the wet tar, and the shouts of the men in hard hats. Please let it be over soon.....
Big boys working flat out at the poolside being yellow shirted Lifeguards. Even getting customers through the gates when its not raining. Hoping very much that they do not have to try and save a swimmer this summer as we have all realised that its all a bit serious really, despite the sunglasses and the sitting about in deck-chairs. They worry about it!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

biting, digging & chasing chickens

Two small puppies can shift a lot of lawn when they set their minds to point in worrying, a few shovels of soil will sort it all out in a month or two. Hugh and the baby boy went to Woburn last weekend to help Mr B celebrate his 44th birthday at GoApe, on the zip wires and platforms. Big boy and I were labouring at the salt face, of course. The two fun-seekers had a very exciting, and hair-raising time, after which the baby boy was at pains to show me the above photo. Apparently it looks so like me he had to check it wasn't his mother on the jolly to the Safari Park. Words fail me. I do hope he was joking! They were both tired and road weary when they returned to Lincolnshire, but proud of their high wire abilities.
Skipper the wonder horse not getting out as much as he would like, and he has noticed the addition of the two small bundles of fur, which are taking up lots of time, and also being exercised in HIS area. Given the chance I am pretty sure he will stamp on them, so trying to keep them out of his way until they are bigger, and can run faster. The Skipper did get out today (my day off) and ambled around the block like a pro, only proving to be afraid of one fallen 'for sale' board which was crouching in the long grass menacingly. Pleasingly blind to huge lorry unloading a tipper truck which we had to squeeze past in the road, and local Library lorry, which roared past us on a narrow country lane. He's an odd-bod!
Most puppy puddles now being produced outside which is marvellous, but very sharp teeth being put to good use on any exposed flesh of likely victims. So easy to forget what terrors small dogs are before they learn some civilised manners.
Doing sponsored midnight walk on Saturday night in aid of local Hospice, all donations gratefully received, and attending 70th birthday celebration prior. A busy night. Following weekend invited to a 'shed-warming' fish and chip supper. My friend has a new garden summer house installed which calls for plentiful supplies of fizz, fish & chips and ice cream into the night to celebrate. Any excuse and proud of it. Cheers!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

not a dead puppy!

So you can see what a hard life the puppies have, shut outside in the cold and wet, underfed and mistreated - oh, not these puppies, these are sitting on my sofa all day, and on knees during the evening.... putting on weight nicely, and getting the hang of making poo outside. Sadly still making tiny puddles occasionally, but we are working on it aren't we girls! Cats have resigned themselves to the presence of these foul fiends, and returned to the warmth of the kitchen during the evenings. Also decided that eating at home in the morning is, on the whole, worthwhile, despite presence of spawn of satan in puppy form. Puppies attracting more visitors than I ever could, now thinking that with enough pups in the house I could have visitors every day for ever more!
Baby boy had 17th birthday today. We were out driving this morning at 7.30am. He's quite competent, just needs some road experience. All cousins and aunts and uncles came for tea and cake tonight (that's a lot of visitors) and most went out for a drive with the birthday boy. Scary.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

beautiful wrapping

It turns out that puppies are just beautifully presented bags of pooh, (think icing bags on legs) who are capable of an astonishing amount of poo for such small parcels. No more photos so far, too busy scooping that poop, but they are entertaining. Whether that's enough to balance the small puddles that are appearing every time my back is turned remains to be seen. Suffering also with 'fat' throat and horrible cough, also migraine weekend - nothing stops the pooper scooping though. Their tails are waggy and their teeth are sharp. Trying the BARF diet with the pups. Seems its a bit radical. They are eating raw tripe very finely minced. And bones. No more packaged dog food (which smells horrible) just raw meat. Will see how they grow and progress. They certainly prefer the raw tripe, leaving high quality processed food aside for the raw.

Horse did 6 miles early this morning before it was too hot. Flies still eating his nether regions, but some of the water retention has subsided so he looks more comfortable.

Must go, puppies pulling at my trousers.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

a long few days

The loss of the stinky little black dog left such a hole in our day to day activities that we have had to fill the gap with two small cocker spaniels! They took a week to find, and several pups were inspected throughout the county. However, yesterday big boy and I made our way to Cambridgeshire (a 2 hour drive) and brought home two sisters. We were lucky and had pick of the litter, 5 girls and 1 boy, and it was very hard turning down all the others. We only went for one, but two of the critters seemed to find their way into our hearts. Seem to be settling in fine, and have had first jabs and health check at vets today. All fine. Been wormed too, so its a tough day for small dogs
The heat is keeping all visitors to salt mines very, very happy, and big boy enjoyed a great 'leaving school forever' camping party in glorious sunshine last Thursday evening. No photos, all went well. Mini Glastonbury once again in field.
Strange photo of arm probably needs some explanation. Baby boy's school house is called Lumley. Today was Sports Day. Lumley prefects drew L on their cheeks with greasepaint, and also wrote 'Lumley' down their arms. It was a hot day. The evidence is clearly burned onto his skin. He thinks its funny....
Yellow horse is standing in the shade of the walnut tree during this hot weather, and saving his energy not moving about too much. The uncomfortable effect of this lack of action is water retention in his external sheath. It must be painful. Its full and warm to touch. After exercise tonight looked much better, so lets hope it cools slightly and he walks about more, or he may need some sort of water reduction treatment. He is very patient about having his bits pulled about I must say!

More puppy pics to follow.