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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

possible piece of work for new term at skool

Well, its taken HOURS of drawing, cutting and then sticking. I am really delighted with it. However. Big boy just came in from work and commented that the red mannekin is not in the right place (in his opinion) and the lines are not straight enough. Blah.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Welcome to Hotel Wainfleet

Mr Black, the photographer, caught on film. A rare event. Normally he's the one taking sneaky snaps. Note the lush union jack jacket. I want one. Quite badly!
Mr & Mrs Black, trying to enjoy an afternoon outing to East Kirkby RAF Museum, on a drizzling afternoon, surrounded by half of Lincolnshire.The event took a turn for the better when we realised that we had not, after all,  missed the Battle of Britain air display, which proved to be wonderful.

The Lancaster and the Spitfire - just showing off

Lifted the bonnet on my car and what did I find? Not this, sadly. But I wish I had.
Spent Thursday in Butlins with the two scamps in the red and white hats. We had a whale of a time, and I can heartily recommend it as a day out for lively little people.
Here are the two little boys racing in their Zorbs. Very tiring, apparently....
And this is the beginning of a piece of art for skool. I'm quite excited about the process of its creation!
So, spent Thursday exploring Butlins with 7 year old twins, Friday cleaning with my sister's team at the caravan park and, later, welcoming 6 house guests at home, Saturday cleaning with my sister-in-law and nieces at their Park, and subsequently feeding the Big boy's multitude of guests and speeding them off to enjoy the nightlife of Bank Holiday Skegness. Spent the early hours of Sunday morning listening to the clanking of a bucket and the sound of beer sickness.....,  daylight hours then shared with a huddle of recovering young people, feeding them carefully and treating them gently. As they departed in early evening 4 more guests arrived for Sunday wine quaffing, and finally, this morning, two very welcome guests appeared for a day of chat and catchup. It. Has. Been. Busy.
If only it would DRY UP so that the harvest could be finished (a vain hope at the moment) all would be well in my world. The Baby Boy has zoomed off to spend his two days off with the lovely D and her family Darn Sarf leaving a trail of dirty washing and damp towels behind him.
Big boy still working at home, filling his time with maintenance jobs until the harvest/ploughing happens (could be some time).
Two girl dogs in season, James the poodle mad with passion and spending every waking moment as close as he can to each of them in turn. What heaven for him. It would appear that he may not be quite tall enough to 'do the job' without a box to stand on..... we shall see.
Dolls keep coming in. Every single one of them is sooooo welcome - if you are thinking of producing one, or halfway through production,  I want you to know that she will be very gratefully received if she makes it here. Very. Very.
I have drawn and cut out over 100 teeny white fabric mannequin shapes (with a tiny bit of help from my sis.) ready to attach them to a large white canvas. They are cut on different biases of the fabric so that they curl and curve in different ways, casting inconsistent and interesting shadows on the ground behind. There is a twist to the overall result, and you will have to wait until I post a picture, after it has been assessed at skool. I am really delighted with the progress of the 'doll project' so far, despite the fact that wielding the scissors for so long has caused a hot, red callus to swell up on my scissor finger!
Much to do this week also, including two more days cleaning up after holiday-makers and trying to get to London for the day for a Print Exhibition (how hard can it be to get a day off?). Therefore, and quite breathlessly, I bid you goodnight - XX

Saturday, 18 August 2012

pups come to visit

Today, and quite by chance, two owners of this year's puppies came to visit, and show us how the dogs have grown! One bitch, and one dog, they were almost identical, apart from a small, white beard (which belonged to the girl, of course!). They took turns in the half barrel of water, and generally enjoyed meeting each other. It was such fun.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Sculptors - Miro & Hepworth

This week has been a busy one. Wednesday found me in Wakefield at the Hepworth Gallery. A beautiful building, (I have no idea how they got the funds together to create such a thing), and the super-modern setting for Barbara Hepworth, and other artists' work. Turns out she's not really my cup of char, but I am delighted to have been, and seen. Richard Long's exhibits also made me smile ironically. Too much of  The Emperor's clothes for me. His photograph of 'a footpath' did spark my interest,  and I believe, when the light is right, I may be able to capture 'a horse path' in a photograph. Inspired eh! So, thanks for that Mr Long!

I visited my cousin, who lives 10 miles from the Hepworth and Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and made my way later to YSP. Once again, my unlucky day. The Bothy gallery was inexplicably closed to all comers, and I did, dearly, wish to see the fascinating sculptures of Hemali Bhuta. Sadly, not possible. I scooted around Miro, a monumental sculptor of renown, and found that once again, his vision does not appeal to me. His obsessive fascination with genitalia repels me somewhat. I am glad I have seen his really extensive collection, and don't need to see it again!

Yesterday found me in Sheffield, collecting the biggest rug I have ever seen for the dining room. Stuck on the A1 for nearly an hour behind an overturned touring caravan did make me question whether possession of the rug was worth the journey. It probably was. Upon my return home it was apparent that harvest was about to begin, the presence of a gigantic combine harvester in the yard more or less gave the game away.

The yellow monster began its whirring progress, with tractors and trailers buzzing around like bees circling a honeypot. The resulting grain, however, has proved a bitter pill to swallow. Owing to the long-term inclement weather half of the grains in the ears have rotted, and the remaining grains are not plump and lush, but shrivelled and bone dry.  Bushel weight is dismal, and tonnage heartily disappointing.
Nevertheless, harvest continues, and we hope that other fields, and perhaps the barley, may bring a slightly better result. The grain trader tells us that there is a great swathe of land between Boston and Skegness which has produced this miserable result, however the growers on the limestone land also have poor harvests for different reasons. All in all, not wonderful for any of us.

The Baby boy raced at Peterborough Regatta last weekend on behalf of Boston Rowing Club in a coxed 4. They were a disparate foursome, coxed by a lovely young lady they had not met previously, and as a 4 had only rowed together once. They were therefore quite satisfied to be knocked out in the semi-final stage. It was a gloriously hot, still day and I was burned a rich reddish brown by 3pm. I forgot my hat. Oops.

The Farmer and the big boy now set fair to be carting grain for the next few days, provided the threatening storm holds off or passes over. Baby boy beavering away on behalf of Butlins gift-shops and I am trying to make some inroads into a body of work to begin my new term at skool. Yellow horse has new shoes and a zest for work, dogs all well and grass-seed free for now.

Last night some scrotes searched the Farmer's barns and helped themselves to a good angle grinder and the best drill. The Big Boy will be seeing them off in his own inimitable way,  if they return. You read it here first. *sigh*.

My pencils are calling me to the sketchbook, so adieu for now. X

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Big hearts

If the donor who sent me a wonderful doll in an Amazon box is reading this, I would like to say the biggest THANK YOU to her. The doll is ....... everything I could wish for, and has a voice, and a heart, which are very special.  You know who you are. I don't - thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Professional Practice

I learned tonight that I must produce some work as part of Professional Practice. I think my dolls might fill the bill! Therefore, here's a pathetic appeal, from the bottom of my heart. If you can bear to, please, please make, tack together, produce something akin, for my doll project. Remember, its a representation of your nearest and dearest relationship. Its not a sewing competition! Its a window on the emotions all tied up in your relationship. AND SEND IT TO ME. ASAP!!!!! XXXX

ye gods and little fishes

My much loved and long owned veil-tail goldfish, who has graced my Biube with his fragile beauty for several years, gave up swimming some time ago in favour of floating, upside down, at the top of the water instead. He swam to feed, and say hello, then returned to his upside down resting. The big boy finally cracked and insisted on fishing the veil-tail out of the tank, to find that the critter had an enormous tumour on the top of his head, which I hadn't even noticed. Explaining, of course, his decline in swimming activity. The fish has now been helped on its way to a better place, for which I thank the big boy, and a vacancy exists dans la tank. The son is emphatic that he be with me when the new fish is purchased 'so that you don't buy another complete loser, mother'.  So I've been told then.

Baby boy and the lovely Daisy currently in Louth, trying to enjoy a picnic and walk at Hubbards Hills between rain torrents (I mean showers). It would seem that they have missed the best bit of the day (pre-noon) and will have to buy snorkels to explore Louth's environs. *sigh*. British summer at its best.  The poodle was shaved today, and now looks like a leggy, black spider. The Olympics are proving to be magnetic viewing and much support for Team GB has emerged in this household.

And, most excitingly, someone has offered to purchase, at a very reasonable price, two of my large canvasses. I haven't seen any money yet, but I am hopeful.  Whooooohooooooo!!  The Farmer and the Baby boy enjoyed their Olympic expedition yesterday, though were disappointed that their fencing tickets did not entitle them to explore the Olympic site. London travel remains excitingly 'other-worldly' to us country-mice.

Time for a cup of tea methinks, as I enjoy a couple of hours 'home alone'. Peace and tranquility reign briefly, prior to the next 'young persons' onslaught, at approximately 4pm.

Tomorrow will see carpet fitters trudging up and down stairs with the first two of three new carpets. I can hardly wait to return all the furniture to its rightful rooms, and indeed, spend a night in my own bed.

Thanks for sharing!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

disappointment and delight!

The Collection and The Usher Gallery in Lincoln both proved to be 'between exhibitions' when I explored them this morning. How disappointing. So, I hiked up Steep Hill to a couple of smaller galleries, and found, to my delight, these clever and thought provoking sculptures. The little ladies were made of plaster over straw and were full of character and individuality. An absolute delight to look at, I loved them. I seem to have had a 'human form' fetish going on, as evidenced by my other photos. The day was not lost thanks to the smaller displays, and I shall be going back to Lincoln for the "Persistence of Collage" Arts Council Exhibition shortly.

I have had notification of the travel plans of another doll - she's on her way..... can't wait to meet her. Thank you to the kind and generous provider. Many thanks indeed.