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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Bella the ball....

Here's 'Bella'. A work in progress & a sketchbook preparation for next term. Any contributors who wish to be celebrated like this, get photographing..... Does it make you embarrassed? Or uncomfortable? Me too, and it really shouldn't, so I'm working to improve attitudes and familiarity with this amazing thing. It's a feminist statement (no pun intended!)

And a list:

the poodle got shaved, the Farmer & I went to Bishops Stortford for a birthday BBQ, the big boy came back to these shores from China, the Farmer & I went to see the big boy (and reclaim my car from him), I waited on tables at a tremendously posh wedding in a marquee in the Wolds, the baby boy and lovely D returned from their holiday travels, and then we all had a bit of a rest.

That's what has happened in this house since the Graduation day. And, it feels like it has been a busy month.

Off to London tomorrow to deliver a piece of art..... exciting or what! Might try to squeeze in a gallery before my return journey.

Old peeps for tea, crème brulees & eton mess should keep them quiet for another week....

Mucho, mucho. XXX

Thursday, 11 July 2013

James, the dog!

Announcing the arrival of 6 puppies to Scope (mostly white) a Jack Russell belonging to Liz Pears, and sired by James, the Poodle stud king. The puppies' colour is, surprise, surprise, BLACK with an assortment of white bibs, bows and toes. In 8 weeks time they will be looking for their forever homes. Liz can be found at Grange Farm Equestrian, near Louth. Do look her up if you are interested.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

graduation ceremony

A long day, and a tiny bit emotional. Graduation ceremony long, dry and also charged with emotion. Have left him to celebrate in Leicester, then the lovely D is taking him away for a few days R&R.

Hooray for all of them. X

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

water, water everywhere

 The Baby Boy was 21 yesterday. 21 years since he was born, weighing in at a mighty 10lb and 1/2oz. With a broken collar bone, fractured skull, paralysed arm, cephal haematoma, and his mother, yours truly, torn to shreds. Ah well. 21 years and much joy and heartache have passed. Some family and friends arrived at 6pm last night to help him celebrate both the day of birth and his degree award. He has earned a First in his History degree (award ceremony shortly). We are all delighted, proud and generally chuffed to bits.
 The evening began in a very civilised manner.
 And then the water pistols came out......

 And it became a celebration of two halves, the dry and the not-so-dry running around the garden.

 However, the ladies began to experience some alarm. The 'dry' area showed evidence of water ingress

Even the baby Doctors could not resist the temptation of a fully loaded water canon

 Conditions rapidly deteriorated. Small children began to resemble drowned rats

Older guests maintained a calm and philosophical outlook in spite of random watery accidents

 Old people within the 'guaranteed dry area' began to cheat - firing at will through the porch windows
 Even older people (who were trying to raid the wine stores) suffered remorseless assault, and had to retire to guaranteed dry area for safety (without any raided wine I might add).
 Things began to look grim for the dry guests
 Luckily, refreshments were in plentiful supply in the dry areas
 A wet juvenile attacker, temporarily disarmed to rest his trigger finger...........
 A young drowned rat. Happily she seemed none the worse for wear even at 10pm.....
 Old people begin to take possession of armaments and show the soaked youngsters how it's done

The dry area now completely annexed by 'old people who should know better'
Beneath this cardboard box is a child, tired, soaking wet, and attempting to find the safety of a vehicle to carry her home.

 Old people who should know better, drunk, exhausted, garrulous and needing to be put to bed
The young men then retired to the very bottom of the farmyard clutching a multitude of beer cans to play some kind of drinking game. They returned, in pretty good condition considering everything, at 1am to consume all edibles remaining in the kitchen and then to retire en masse all around the house.

This morning saw them all rally to the cause and reignite their celebratory demeanor with further energetic games and trials. I, however, am completely zonked! Baby Boy has now motored off to Leicester for a few days and then he is being taken on a mystery holiday by the lovely D as a surprise gift. He recommences work in two weeks, which will be something of a relief.

The Big Boy has phoned from China twice in the past few days. He is eating, communicating (courtesy of some sort of phone app) and enjoying the cultural contrasts. We look forward (very much) to welcoming him back to these shores. He is much missed.

Having restored order to the garden and house today I am shattered, and now considering the luxury of a nap. So, thanks for reading, I'm signing off to see whether the bed is still comfy...



Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Last call ladies, last call

I am going to begin preliminary sketches this week on THAT imagery. I am soooooooo excited. I could, however, really do with one or two more variations of the subject.... that means YOU and yours. Yes, you. I would be soooooo grateful. No-one's looking. Give it a go. Thankyou. X

Monday, 1 July 2013

North Yorkshire & Robin Hood's Bay

Thank you to Mr & Mrs B, who were generous enough to invite The Farmer & Yours Truly to share their uber-luxury holiday house for a few days. We ate too much, drank too much, talked much and saw much. Joy. I brought home more waistline than I took away..... We explored the beautiful and still happily 'free from tacky resort developments' Robin Hoods Bay, and we need to go back there. Soon.

Thought you might be amused to see how 'the other half' lives. In luxury that's how! He is absolutely certain that one of the girls is coming into season. He has spent this evening cuddling up to her, and barking at her, quietly. I think this is his way of nagging her into submission. Fingers crossed.
I hope to visit Helen Chadwick's London exhibition on Thursday, give blood and dine out with the ladies on Friday, and squeeze in a horse event on Sunday. Monday will bring a garden party celebration of the Baby Boy's History degree result, and his 21st birthday. I feel exhausted just thinking about it all! We have received confirmation of our tickets for his degree award ceremony, and are looking forward to seeing him receive his certificate. He is now working at Bell's Chartered Surveyors and Land Agents for a few weeks to gain some valuable practical experience before he starts at the Royal Agricultural College for a Masters degree.
The Big Boy has confirmed his safe arrival in China. I don't think I shall rest properly until he is safely back on these shores in good health and one piece! He returns in two weeks, on a Monday. We shall see him and deliver a few bits of his stuff to him on the Tuesday, and then he starts work at Fisher German (Ashby de la Zouche) on the Wednesday. He will know the meaning of the word 'tired' too! He will work for 15 months before returning to Harper Adams for his final year of study within the University.
Its all go. I wouldn't change it!
Tata for now X