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Sunday, 31 January 2010

laundry & shoe cleaning...

here's the new giant dog bed. It seems to be a success. The pups are turning out to be a real help around the house, stealing laundry and keeping shoes and boots clean, and nicely edged with nibbled leather and well trimmed laces. The blue sheets were brand new, just tipped out of their packaging, and awaiting their first wash, so at least it didn't mean extra work.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

dog bed problems

If a sister is nice she can share the only dog bed that is not either in the washing machine, or drying on the line. But, if the sister is greedy, she takes the whole single bed to herself, and won't let her irritating sibling in. Luckily a giant dog bed, accommodating two in comfort, is now on its way.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Last night we made the last minute decision to book on-line, and make the 90 mile round trip to Lincoln Odeon Cinema to see Avatar in 3D. We could have seen it in 2D locally, or in Boston, but really fancied the idea of the plastic specs! Booking on-line was extremely straightforward, though there was a booking fee, which I resent enormously. Long journey just over an hour, and the satnav took us to the right road, which turned out to be completely pedestrianised. After a prolonged search we found the cinema and a (relatively) nearby multi-storey car park. Fished around for £3.50 for honour of using tiny parking slot on 6th floor for 3 hours. Ran to cinema as now quite short of time. 2 coffee - £4.00. 2 bags of choc sweets £5.10. 2 Fizzy pop and popcorn combos for big boys £12.00 (this sure was adding up). Seats were about £8.00 each. Having forked out all this hard-earned money it was with some excitement that we breathlessly took our seats just as the film was beginning. IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! So pleased we made the effort to see it in 3D. Just see it! Its a great story, and marvellous special effects/computer imagery. Its almost three hours long, so our numb bums took a bit of unfolding by the end of the film, but the car skimmed all the long miles home (in manner of lizard flying, or spacecraft or similar) and we were still uplifted by the experience when we arrived back at mud manor (aka home).

Absolutely knackered this morning, restless night dreaming fitfully about 10 foot tall blue natives and strange hairless animals with large teeth. Hoping therefore to sleep like a babe tonight.

Wicked pups have decided that it is hilarious, and exciting, to run away at 7am when they get their first (and only leadless) walk of the day. Therefore new regime commences today, of no walking without leads, some seperation during the day (I'm bringing one to work) and more training.... well we can try. They are very naughty when they are together, and much more angelic when they are apart. Sisters. Always leading each other astray.

Go see the film.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

can't seem to remember the camera!

Would like to write by-lines to some cracking January photographs, but can't seem to manage the tricky task of placing a small camera in my pocket when I take the dogs out. Must be my age? Horse now floundering around ankle deep in mud, owing to the thaw, and walking the dogs has turned into mud hopping (a peculiarly Lincolnshire sport perhaps?)

Big boy has started working at Butlins in the swimming complex. Done his first full working day today, looking after two thousand five hundred brownies on a weekend away! Apparently they scream heartily whilst in water. He is going to work there Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday every week until Easter, and in the factory .on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. That's the plan anyway. Probably changed by next week. He will be cream crackered. Youngest slogging away for his June A levels. Doing some papers this week and next. Also enjoying his first romance....

Hard being back at work, I have been lazy, hanging around in the warm office rather than pottering around outside. I guess this week I will be rumbled, and turned outside whether I like it or not. Reservations for the summer trickling in, though one or two cancellations too, owing to redundancies and short time. Still think things are not as rosy economically as the Govt would like us to believe.

Decorator galloping through the units with his bright, clean emulsion, ad dazzling white gloss. Even working Sundays. Just waiting for the plumber and the two new showers. Finger crossed (as the polish girl says).

Friday, 8 January 2010

snow, snow and more snow

This is Grandma's drive, obviously she can't get out for usual socialising and shopping, so intrepid family bringing all her stuff to door for her.
This is the Steeping river just up the road from here. Just missed a heron taking off from his shelter under the hump back bridge where I was stuck yesterday. Don't think the ice would yet hold a skater, but maybe.....

This is the road sign that will help you find our house, but, don't try visiting if you don't know the way, its like a magical mystery tour with no directions!

Eldest proudly did day's work at factory yesterday, but was sent home this morning owing to adverse weather conditions (factory closed). He resigned from Pub last night, so set fair for a few weeks work unpacking and packing exercise bikes. Therefore came as something of a surprise this morning when Butlins telephoned to ask if he would like to start his summer job Lifesaving in their indoor water world NEXT WEDNESDAY, and continue in full time work until he goes to college at the end of August ! It never rains but it pours - waited weeks to find decent job, then two turn up in space of two days. Will post result of his dilemma next time.
Snow everywhere, bitterly cold, ice and horrible roads. Three weeks now, and I confess, I am a bit tired of skidding everywhere. Boys turned 180 degrees in car this morning, doing 10mph at the end of our lane. Everyone knows someone who has come off the road, and counting themselves lucky if there is no injury or vehicle damage. I like snow, indeed, I love snow, but in small amounts, unless skiing of course. Little dogs think it is wonderful, but they don't have to do the shopping.
On the plus side, no chance of getting in to work today, even if I wanted to, so can curl up in front of HUGE fire with book and not feel slightest bit guilty.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

no photos, just news!

Big boy has put in terrible hours at the spit and sawdust pub where he has been working. Not coming home until 5am on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, and a 15 person fight took place on the premises on New Years Eve. As a result we have encouraged him to look for some casual work elsewhere. Therefore, tonight he is going to resign, (thank goodness) and the nerve -racking drive on icy roads in deepest darkness will cease. As luck would have it a friend with a factory has telephoned this morning to ask if big boy would have time to come in and give them a hand from today as they are experiencing something of a rush in demand for their product, so, off has gone the boy to work respectable hours, in a safe environment, for a reputable employer. That makes a change! And what a relief. Hooray. His UCAS form has been submitted once again, and he is hoping for interviews at two prestigious Agricultural Colleges. Fingers crossed. His application is for deferred entry as during 2010 to 2011 he is hoping to secure a place to study a HNC in Fish Farming in Scotland! (Its only a one year course, and he can expect to gain employment at the end of the course in the fish farming industry if he wishes to leave education). He has had the interview and continues to wait for the decision letter. Fingers crossed again. We will be running out of crossed fingers. There is a chance that my eldest will be studying in Dumfries, Scotland, my youngest at St Andrews, Scotland and my nephew doing a Masters at Edinburgh, Scotland, all starting September 2010. The road north will be busy if it all comes together!

The snow fell again last night and this morning, not quite so much as over Christmas, but fair plenty to make the journey to work exciting this morning. As I was towing a trailer it was an extra challenge, and I almost had a refusal at the hump back bridge on my route. Much chuffing and cursing ensued, and the car responded by labouring over the brow of the bridge at a speed of one mile per hour. We wiggled and slid another couple of miles until the main road was reached, and I was very pleased indeed to unhitch the trailer at work and abandon it.

The New Year has brought the youngest a very pretty girlfriend, which is now distracting him from his homework accordingly. Oh to be young again......

Forgotten what it might be like to ride my horse, as snow, ice and mud prevent any outings whatsoever. Did drag him forth last week and lunged him briefly, to see if he could remember who was in charge. As luck would have it, following a brief and not very enthusiastic difference of opinion, he remember that I am the one who makes the decisions, and settled down to work nicely. However, he is full of vim and vigour, and it will be a challenge re-mounting him when the weather improves. Thinking of looking for a volunteer perhaps.

Small spaniel bitches are now in their first season, so locked away most of the time to keep marauding dog rapists away. I think this period of purdah will last about 3 weeks, and they look very puzzled by the changes both to their own physique, and their routine. However, a full set of mongrel puppies are not on our New Year wish list, so extra care exercised at all times.

Painter and decorator has started at salt mines for 5 largest properties (marvellous, less for us to do), and plumber starting in next couple weeks to fit two new showers as additions to properties. All exciting stuff. Meanwhile, I continuing to wash mountains of duvets ready for Easter. ABsolutely mountains of them. One at a time. Its a warm environment so I'm not complaining.