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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

sad news of little black dog

The horrible little black dog's heart has failed, and she was buried in the garden tonight. She was 14 and grey as a badger. Youngest son's philosophical observation "it was her time, I can't be sad". We are though.

Monday, 22 June 2009

oh dear - a DEER

This poor little fellow seems to have wandered onto the Park from goodness knows where during the night. All campers very excited, he has just wandered off to neighbouring park for a change of scene. Seems to be a very healthy and curious Roe deer stag with a little set of antlers. Hoping he doesn't come to grief through a car/dog/bunch of youths and makes the 2 mile or so journey to the open countryside. Unless, of course, he has brought his family to ride the roller coasters and shop on the market...always possible I suppose!
Yellow horse went to a small show yesterday. I actually rode him in a show horse class. We got second. There were only two in the class. The judge said (and I quote) "The only thing stopping that horse from winning this class is his rider". "He's a lovely horse, very settled and excellent prospects, just needs you to ride him better."...I am paralysed by nerves in a showring, which is why I always look for another pilot. What a humiliating experience! I was also wearing white trousers instead of cream/yellow, had no gloves, and no net on my hair. I could have been sent out of the ring for any of these misdemeanors apparently.
Capable rider needed to pilot yellow horse at local shows. Owner need not apply!
Hen night on Saturday night for friend, show on Sunday, tired on Monday. DAy off tomorrow but multiple jobs to be done, Lincs show Wednesday, and somewhere must squeeze in more work.
Oh dear.

Monday, 15 June 2009

yellow horse soaking up the sun

Had such a busy weekend yellow horse had a day off on Sunday. He put it to good use improving his tan and stacking in some Zzzzs. Maybe get him out tonight to run off a bit of fat (from both of us)....
On Saturday lunchtime a young french man (who spent an entire summer staying with my family 5 years ago) turned up at the door. Just passing through as he visited Claas machinery across Europe! Took him out for dinner, then pushed him off onto more family whilst we went to an 18th. He came back at 11pm, letting himself in with a key we gave him, put himself to bed and accepted breakfast on Sunday before driving off to Brighton.
Just drawing breath after breakfast when some friends from Lincoln phoned prior to turning up for Sunday lunch (restaurant variety) and accompanying family (theirs and mine) to Friskney Annual Show for a sunny Sunday afternoon outing. They then purchased hatching eggs, hen and chix from big boy before wending their merry way back to the big city. I worked at the salt mines through all these comings and goings, as did big boy on Saturday, and younger son on Sunday. They are now Lifeguarding at a holiday park swimming pool. As a result big boy sporting some sunburn. I spend 18 years protecting his skin from the ravages of sunshine, then in 3 hours of shirtless recklessness he comes home lobster pink! That's not happening again.
Lovely 18th birthday party in a village hall, where we tried not to be too much of an embarrassment to eldest son. He gave us permission to accept the invitation to attend ON CONDITION we did not speak to his particular friends...obviously we then spent the entire evening sitting with three of his teachers and a whole bunch of his mates who were lovely. When we eventually hit the dance floor (just to get everyone started you understand) big boy indicated that it was about time for us to leave, therefore we were home and in bed before any evidence of alcohol consumption and teenage broken hearts showed itself. A perfect evening!
Sunny weather keeping all very satisfied at the salt mines which is wonderful. One very odd customer here for two weeks though. On Wednesday afternoon he solemnly advised me that since his arrival on Saturday he had caught 23 ants in his bungalow, three of which had made it onto the dining room table. Obviously we sent in the specialist (my sister) in a cloud of ant powder and killer spray. Sadly chemicals don't seem to have knocked out the problem, and the ants are also still doing well!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Mr and Mrs B, yellow horse, stinky black dog et al

Scrubbed and polished, a brief glimpse of a rare sight - me in a frock, and no wellies
House martins(?) camping rent free in Skipper's barn again - and pooping on him

Skipper and his boyfriend enjoying a private moment together

One hour prior to Ball, ladies working hard to look their best for the evening ahead...

The stinky black dog trying to be photogenic, and it almost worked!
All these photos, and plenty more, taken and owned by Mr Black with the foxy new camera and the incredibly long lens. I daren't post any more, as Mr B himself might want to use one or two.

Spilsby Round Table Ball

Last night. Pictures to follow. Table of 12 and was a fabulous evening, one of our guests managed to win the huge flat screen TV that was the first prize in the raffle. They are getting married in 3 weeks time, so it was a completely unexpected and very welcome surprise wedding gift! They soon had it back in its box and off to the car. Ver social evening, much fun had by all. Sadly I am holding the fort at work today (Sunday), and so am nursing quite a sore head (something I ate perhaps?) and very tired limbs (dancing) until I can lock the door and clear off for a nap in an hour or so. Probably still got eye make-up smeared down my cheeks, but too tired to look, or care. Raining, windy and downright miserable outside, so looks like napping best way to pass time today anyway. Friend waiting to hear whether he's off to European Parliament on UKIP ticket this evening so sons quite excited to think they actually know someone who has really got involved in process of election. Its been an education for them.

Yellow horse behaved extremely well for Mrs B when she had a go at piloting him yesterday (just before Ball!), hoping she's not too stiff as a result today. Nice to see her outside the running wheel of corporate slavery. Mr B drove us home at 2am with the soft top down on their car. It was bloody freezing in the back, but excellent cure for drunken and unreliable behaviour.

Monday, 1 June 2009

skipper at the show

Two second places, two fourths and a fifth. Top picture pilot is 10 years old, in hand chief assistant is 14. It was a fantastic day, all got sunburned, tired and talked out. Horse had a fantastic time meeting and greeting. Must try to get him out more in all my spare time......