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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Hippos, girls with PMT & old cat (not me incidentally!)

Arrangements begin for summer camping parties! Big boy starting the ball rolling next weekend. The logs for the fire pit are cut but not stacked.

Old, old cat woken from sleep for photo opportunity. As is quite obvious from the look on her face she did not welcome the chance to feature in the blog again. Now returned to peaceful sleep amongst the detritus that is this house.

Two girls this afternoon. They have both come into their first season together, and are coping
with it slightly differently. The liver coloured girl is depressed, seems uncomfortable and lacks any cheer today. The black girl seems to be less affected and still manages a cheery face. The liver girl is going to visit a cocker dog in about 10 days for pure-bred puppies, and the black girl is going to visit a miniature poodle if I can find one in time. All being well, with a following wind, fingers crossed etc etc . Not wishing to count chickens, but touching wood that this all goes to plan... and speaking of chickens:

Oops. Wrong photo! This might look like and hippo, but is in fact the yellow boy, this afternoon, after some gentle, warm rain on his back. He has obviously rolled enthusiastically in his own wallow, and I shall have to wait for him to dry to brush all this muddy crap off him! He thinks he's in heaven.
Both sons doing sponsored charity 30 mile bike ride today from Lincoln to Boston. Sore bottoms (or worse) tonight no doubt. They are 1/3 of a group of 6 teenagers courageously pushing their pedals, which they also did last year, hoping to raise about £200. Have just had a call to say they have made it, and are sitting in the pub waiting to be collected. They sound quite tipsy.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

shrunken offerings

My sister brought her laundry to work today (we both do our washing at work, it passes the time). Her favourite woollen jacket, which was quite roomy for her, emerged from the tumble dryer this morning looking like this! It would fit either a large doll, or a very small midget.
And I have thrown fiscal caution to the wind and treated myself to a new watch. And I love it!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Beach 9am Sunday 18th April 2010

I can take or leave Ingoldmells beach. Having lived here for most of 40 years, and seen all weather conditions over the sand and sea, the promenade rarely holds surprises. But this morning, mid April 2010, it has surprised me! It is the most gorgeous day, a rare thing at the best of times, and especially in Ingoldmells. The sea looks like a millpond, and is swishing over the level, golden sand with a seductive whisper. The almost deserted beach stretches for mile upon mile along the coastal strip, peopled only by a determined jogger, two metal detectorists, and several other early risers, like me, simply taking in the view of the wind turbines far out on the horizon. An absolute and complete joy to experience this morning. Made my way to the salt mines in a cheery and uplifted mood. All guests also responding to this lovely day. Marvellous.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

most revolting souvenir ever recorded?

Cleaner found this astonishing item in a caravan this morning. It is 6 inches wide. It sports the LANCASHIRE red rose. Perhaps would be slightly improved if the Lancs rose was replaced by a Lincolnshire flag? (As Ingoldmells is in Lincs after all). However, it is made from nylon velvet, and edged with sex shop pink fur. I cannot begin to imagine what the target market for this item is, and worse, that someone who stayed here must have paid money to bring it away from its classy purveyor. Quite the most horrid souvenir I have ever seen - unless you can do better???? On the plus side, it has cheered up the morning no end, and looking forward to watching it burn in the incinerator later!

Friday, 9 April 2010

sunshine and lollipops

sunshine just makes me feel better! Little yellow horse really enjoying upturn in weather. Got his coat off, brushed out a heap of dead hair from him last night, which will benefit all local birds building nests! Customers at salt mines all happy and cheerful because there's sunshine, not showers, making working day pass much more pleasantly. Large group gathered for Round Table Annual summer ball in 4 weeks time. Looking forward to it very much. Will I need a new dress? Thinking about it. Am also wearing and then throwing away all those horrible clothes that seem to have accumulated in the wardrobe over-winter. Closely associated with the wearing of vests and combinations, they seem to comprise bobbly jumpers, baggy trousers, torn jackets, and overly large tee shirts. Its one last wear guys, then off to the bin with you. Luckily, this technique leaves plenty of space on the rails for the purchase of replacements (which I have obviously had for just ages dear!). Its quite a cathartic procedure, and the anticipation of the shopping and spending also adds an element of wickedness that I am enjoying.

Day off next week is taking us to Sheffield for an outing. To collect a rebuilt eternity ring of which I am very fond, and to look for a new watch which is proving to be slightly more challenging. Always enjoy a trip to Yorkshire - half the county are on holiday at the salt mines, and I'm making the most of it and nosing around their home town! The old man will be piloting the vehicle, and therefore I shall have a relaxing journey in the land of nod. Perfect.

Eldest still beavering away at Chartered Surveyors. Sheep gave him the run-around yesterday, and girl with red paint marking spray mistook him for a ewe and liberally applied red paint to the cuffs of his lovely shirt! Hoping it washes out as easily from his sleeves as it does from sheep fleece. He's clearing a property today ready for contents auction. Its all go for him. Youngest half way through Easter school hols, and trying to revise, though coming up with quite extra-ordinary excuses to keep him away from his studying! He has sent a chq to a friend who is going to organise a (scary) lads holiday to Budapest after the exams. May the gods watch over Budapest (and all my lovely boys) during the onslaught!

Little dogs thriving. They have developed a new walking technique with the youngest boy. He dons his roller blades, hitches up the pups, and they drag him at extremely high speed around a 3 mile circular course. Tires all concerned. Will try to film a clip if I can be at home when it occurs! Not sure about safety aspects of this enterprise, but enjoyment probably worth risks?

Must press on with washing at salt mines, which is slightly preferably to toilet cleaning at this juncture....


Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Chix

These little girls and boys hatched over past 48 hours. Flung into car this morning and now at attention for squeezing by guests over easter. Survivors coming home again on Easter Monday! Hoping thats all of them as they are quite the prettiest bunch of chix we have had for a long time.

Good Friday morning 10am. Rain falling, breeze blowing. Pass the pina colada....

My garden. More blooms to show it really is spring time. All evidence of spring being gathered assiduously, as, without close scrutiny, it would appear to still be winter.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

signs of spring

In spite of the bitterly cold weather, caught these two on camera yesterday! Had to be quick in case today's frost wiped them out!