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Saturday, 26 June 2010

my baby

My baby and three mates just prior to their 'Prom' last night, they have now officially finished school, and await A level results with trepidation! University places hinge on excellent outcomes, so FINGERS CROSSED!

And this is yet another 'special gift' left by outgoing guests yesterday. Carefully folded up to hide the evidence of a mis-spent evening. Amazingly, having crammed it into our industrial washer wearing armoured rubber gloves, the duvet washed up as clean as a whistle, and sweet smelling as a spring day. Laundry technology is a wonderful thing.
Eldest has beetled off to an auction/sale 50 miles away with his Grandfather, in the hope of claiming a 'scrap silver metal' bargain for onward dealing. Alerted to the presence of a few 'lots' of scrap precious metals, they were up with the lark and off to view and bid this morning. If the big boy carries on at this rate he will be a complete wheeler dealer by the time he is 20. Perhaps that's not all bad.
Youngest has secured a 6 weeks holiday job offer this morning at a local Holiday Centre, to start in 3 weeks. Just time for his boys' post A level holiday in Budapest then work, work, work. Keep them busy has always been my motto!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Just pulled an absolutely horrible, and full to bursting tick out of the black spaniel's ear. Used the 'turn it anti-clockwise whilst grasping the neck area' recommended and demonstrated by the hedgehog rescue lady. It worked a treat, and vile critter is now squished on the garden path, leaving substantial puddle of spaniel blood behind. Can't help wondering what purpose they serve in the circle of life - there must be one, but I'd be happier if they stayed out of my circle....

Monday, 21 June 2010

and briefly

Eldest son burned at a party, healing well. Youngest doing final A level tomorrow (thankfully). The farmer busy trying to sell a couple tractors and I'm thinking of having an extra day off! Now that is a treat. Farrier tomorrow for lost shoe which will occupy the morning of my day off. Little brown dog almost a big as a house (about two weeks to go) with boobies that Katie Price would be jealous of. The sun is shining and the air is still. Marvellous.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

kite rescue

My brother and his big boy toy, with which he was helping us to free a kite trapped in some overhead wires. It was flying extremely well, but when the wind drops we were afraid that it would nose-dive onto a guest's head, or car, and we would be responsible, and be sued.
Therefore, having risk assessed the situation carefully, made a written report in triplicate. consulted the H&S Executive etc etc, my brother lifted me and my niece Annie into the air perched on a pallet, balanced on the arms of the digger bucket. Clutching an apple picker.

The string was successfully secured on the hook of the apple picker, and pulled down to Annie who cut the string with some very sharp (and probably dangerous) scissors!

On the way down, and just for good measure, my brother gave the bucket a very good shaking to see if he could dislodge the two of us. He was unsuccessful. My Dad thought it was hilarious. He was also disappointed that we liberated the kite (available at any £1 sop - price £1!) because he wanted to recycle it....who for I have no idea! It has flown off to pastures new and will hopefully sink into the sea without trace. If it crashes on your head I am very sorry.
Little yellow horse has pulled off a front shoe (probably during the terrible thunder storm on Sunday evening), and so is on gardening leave for a day or two until the farrier can squeeze us into his busy diary. The brown spaniel grows fatter by the day - we hope that means she is in pup. Its either that or she is over-eating shockingly, and will soon not be able to walk!
A levels are full steam ahead (two today) for baby boy, and big boy rural chartered surveying happily. He's just had two days deer stalking in Dumfries, Scotland (in torrential rain) and though he didn't shoot anything he had a great time, and really enjoyed the outing. He goes to college there in about 8 weeks to study Fish Farming as an HNC for 36 weeks.
Busy with Accountants this week (deep joy) but hoping for early release for good behaviour by Friday. Should be my Sunday off work this week, and I can hardly wait.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

howl, an owl

I had the snappy camera in my pocket when this owl dashed towards me. She was being harried by other, smaller birds, I have no idea why (food/territory?) and they drove her away.

Monday, 7 June 2010

the other de lorean photos

SAfe sex for De Loreans?

Sunday, 6 June 2010

De Lorean, and eyes, lips and hips

The farmer and I compared diaries this morning, and realised that we had an entire day with no appointments between us. Therefore we stepped into our diesel powered charabanc, and set off for sunny Norfolk, just for a jaunt. On the way we noticed this crowd/herd/flock/breakdown (?) of De Lorean cars in a Hotel car-park. One emergency stop and some polite enquiries later we were advised that they had travelled from all over Europe to laugh at each other's problems for an entire weekend!
Most vehicles had a VERY large toolbox hidden in the rear end, and one poor machine didn't quite make it out of the Hotel entrance before breaking down. The cars were, however, extremely beautiful, even now, so long after they came off the drawing board.

On to a tiny Norfolk market town friends think is the place to eat lunch at very least. So we did. At The Hoste.

And I took a toilet stop (yes it is the ladies loo, not a hairdressing salon)

And after a substantial main course the farmer and I shared this pudding, which was so pretty I had to take its photo. Obviously I am now sorry that I ate all those calories up without pausing for breath - but at the time I have to confess they were all absolutely delicious.
After a walk around the town, and a poke amongst more ladies hats than I have ever seen in one place, never mind one shop, we made our way home through some of the worst rain storms we have seen this year. Good old English weather.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

summertime, and easy living

I know the above photograph looks exactly like a turd, but it is AN OWL PELLET! Similar to a turd, but regurgitated by the owl, and full of mouse and vole bones, (among other detritus). I found it, still damp, this morning, on the floor of the shed directly opposite the back door of the house. This means that in the early hours an owl took shelter in the rafters there and relaxed sufficiently to digest its evening meal. I hope it also means that the owl will return to this place of safety (so that I can get a photo)
And this - is the only evidence upon the body of number two son that he was one of four of us to give blood last night, the boys for the first time! They were very nervous, neither is very keen on the whole needle thing, and very white about the gills when they arrived at the inner sanctum of blood donation. However, they manfully bared their arms, and gave, alongside their dad and myself. Three of the four of us were struck down with faintness after the event, but discretion prevents disclosure of any further information other than one of the wobblers was me! I am always afflicted thus, obviously my body does not part with the red stuff very willingly! All nurses very impressed that we made it a family outing, and it did make me rather proud.

And, in the blazing sunshine at 8am this morning, little yellow horse making the most of luxury lifestyle. No pressure for him, just R&R. Hoping to take him out for an amble tonight though wouldn't wish to exert myself too much at my time of life!!!
AND FINALLY - down at the salt mines this morning something stirred. (In truth, it didn't stir, the toilet didn't flush). Disaster strikes. Usual drain doctor enjoying day off in the sunshine. Reception assistant out buying washing up bowls. Reception full of people with assorted enquiries. I force hung over nephew from his bed to deal with punters. I don yellow marigold gloves, sister's coat (haha), winter wellies and make my way to manhole cover out back. Womanfully remove cover to find - aarrgggghhhh - its full of YOU KNOW WHAT. Next door's customers all sitting outside manhole location in deck chairs watching operation with vast amusement. Usual advice and assistance offered. Can't open workshop door to access salt mine drain rods. Telephone neighbour for loan of drain rods. Squirt water down hole. (Hopeless). Fish about with other long thin things (hopeless). Brother turns up with big smile, clutching golf bag full to bursting with tools of drain clearing, which he passes over to me, his girlie sister, with much enthusiasm. Obviously he is also staying to supervise and advise. Niece wanders over for a good old laugh too. Electrician turns up for morning's entertainment. Crowd now almost overflowing somewhat limited arena space, as I fasten together a few rods to do the deed. YUK. Drawing a veil over the nuts and bolts of the operation itself, I would like to advise that it has all the appearance of a complete success story. Brother retired (quite disappointed) clutching his drain rods and other spectators drifted away to their usual day-time occupations. What a day. And still only 10.30am.