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Friday, 29 March 2013

Student Employment

I think that I am in need of a small, part-time job from mid-May to September. Whilst I am likely to be making a planning application for a tiny, new business during the summer, and creating a bit of art for the new term, I will have loads of time on my hands and need to fill it before the farmer has me tractor driving and carting all day every day. Something clean and warm perhaps? I have applied for a couple of part-time care/support posts, however as I have an absolute absence of any experience in this sector I don't think I stand a snowball's chance. Have applied for one or two others, but let's face it, after 20 years out of the employment market it's a bit of a bloodbath out there, and I don't give much for my chances. Fingers crossed that something turns up or I might turn into one of those teenagers sighing around the house and crying, repetitively "I'm bored, I'm bored"!

Yours in haste (from the Labour Exchange) X

Monday, 25 March 2013

car contretemps

After a very successful outing to Ingoldmells yesterday I jumped into my car to drive home for my tea. Oops. I forgot that i had parked immediately behind and adjacent to a low wooden post. (Which has, I might add, been at the caravan park almost as long as I have worked there). Consequently I knocked the post over, and under the passenger side wheel/wheel arch. Hearing a strange noise as I attempted to depart, I shifted quickly into reverse and consequently trapped the post right in the wheel-arch, where it managed to skillfully lever off almost the complete front of the passenger side of the car. Bumper, electric control box, radiator guard, wheel arch liner, all neatly pushed from their housings and all the clips snapped. What a mess. Dangling plastic, wires, plastic shrapnel. It was ugly (in a 'dragging in the road' kind of way).

My kind brother inserted sundry scraps of wire to 'hold it all together temporarily', everyone had a grand chortle (except me) and the poor, sad, injured car awaits collection by a bodyshop tomorrow on a low loader. They will bring me a replacement loan car whilst I await the return of my injured carriage. I feel such a fool. I would cry but it is so pointless. How absolutely careless of me. So angry I could........ be really angry. And what is almost worse, there is no way to blame anyone else (for instance - the Farmer) for the accident. I tried last night. For example: if he had not been unwell, and had come with me, he would have been driving and it would not have happened. Its not really working is it? Here's another try. I actually went to collect something for him from the caravan Park. If he had not asked me to do that I wouldn't have been there. Not much better is it? So, the blame rightly rests with me. When I pay my insurance premium it makes me squirm. Today, however, I am delighted to have done so.

So, today I couldn't go to college. I have twiddled my thumbs at home in a no man's land of crossness and regret. Now pulling myself together and shall endeavour to put the 'incident' behind me and reapply my cheerful face.

The blasted wind today is enough to freeze off the ears, and being a lazy wind it goes straight through my coats instead of around like a normal wind. The fire in the kitchen continues to be critical to everyday comfort despite Spring being here. The cold is bringing the rape eating pigeons in ever more voracious hordes, and crop decimation appears to be complete.

Good news: the reappearance in our social lives of dear, good friends who have been absent geographically for some few years. We are so pleased. So very pleased. Having managed to maintain  a friendship for 40 years I guess we are in it for the long haul, and it looks like they are too. A heavy weight in the scales on the 'happy events' side and a counterbalance for the car contretemps!

The baby boy has flown away to Amersterdam for a few days and the big boy remains holed up in Shropshire working at college stuff. Hoping to see them both soon. I have Easter eggs......

PS My lovely niece says that easter egg calories are all just inside the foil wrapping. Thus, if you take off the foil wrapper quickly and screw it up you will trap all the calories safely in the foil and can eat the chocolate egg with absolute abandon. NB this will not work with hen eggs.

Enjoy. XX

Saturday, 23 March 2013

the fandango tree

A friend found this tree, and took the photo for me. Trying to think of a way to thread this image into my work. Hilarious.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Paris, puppies & pulled muscles

James the poodle is the proud dad of these 4 little lovelies. 3 chocolate bitch cockerpoos and one champagne dog with chocolate spots. We hope to go and visit them when they are a bit bigger. James hoping not to cop it for maintenance payments..... 
The farmer at Musee d'Orsay, central Paris, last Saturday. To my complete amazement he organised and booked a weekend away which included a day in Paris so that I could see an important painting(Gustav Courbet's L'origin du Monde). Everything went extremely smoothly, there was a map for every eventuality, and I am so impressed by his organisational abilities that he is now officially 'in charge' of booking everything. Yay!

Last week we went to watch the baby boy row in a race against the other University in Leicester, De Montford. Competition was keen, and both sides were determined to win. University of Leicester, however, rather cleaned up, winning 8 races, DMU winning one. The baby boy's 8 rowed like lemons, and still managed to cross the line first. Their regular cox arose from her sickbed to cheer them on (very quietly) and was disparaging about their overall performance. Nevertheless, a fine day for University of Leicester. The baby boy's injured back was in receipt of a full dose of medication. He should not have rowed. He was however determined to be part of the Varsity onslaught. Doubtless the copious amounts of alcohol consumed later also helped heal the back damage...

I have begun working with porcelain clay at college. Preliminary modelling now being kilned. If it survives its second (glaze) firing I shall photograph the results for blogging.  The figurines may possibly need a film type '18 and over' grading. You have been warned.

Other news. Its bloody wet. Cold. Pigeons still eating the wretched rape crop. Skipper the wonderhorse had a tough weekend whilst we were away owing to the presence of Baby boy's young lady for 3 days. She stands no nonsense, rides (fast) rain or shine, and generally helps Skipper to remember he's a horse not a rocking chair for an old rider. I think, in his heart, he enjoys all the careering around. Back to shuffling forth on sunny days with me again now though.

The big boy has undertaken to be home for our forthcoming trip to Madiera. Another farmer-led getaway, I am pretty excited. It was a choice between Madiera and Cape Verde. I have a friend who has just returned from Cape Verde and she was consulted about its appropriateness as a destination for the two of us. 'Very hot. Just lay on a sunbed all day. Too dangerous to swim in the sea'. It was the kiss of death for Cape Verde. The farmer comes out in a rash when he's too hot and he has to be busy all day to pass the time. Therefore, Madiera it is. Packing walking boots and rain coats.

Off to don the wellies to take the dogs for a wade through the mud. Here's hoping for some sunshine...X

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


If only they could talk...

Monday, 4 March 2013

The fandango finish

Just occasionally, when the beach is yours as far as the eye can see, and there are a thousand seagulls to chase, its an absolute delight to live so close to the coastline. Not a holiday-maker in sight, and a beautiful, beautiful day.

Here's the big fandango. Finished at last. 100 tiny representations of vulvas. 95 of them sewn up. 5 open. They represent 100% of the girl children who are born in the horn of Africa. And the 95% who are mutilated by cutting through the practice of FGM. I am so proud of this work, and the tiny part it is playing in highlighting FGM, and inviting people to discuss the practice, try to understand it, and also question this custom. It has taken hours and hours to fabricate and I hope I can find the opportunity to bring it to a wider audience. Fingers crossed.
Another piece of my work (The Big Wahoonie, see earlier bloggings) was selected for an exhibition at University, which opened today. It was a private viewing event, invitation only. It would appear that invitations were mostly circulated to University staff. I went along for an interview and photography. Lordy, it was grim. No atmosphere, no discernable purpose, and hardly any other students. My own family and friends failed to put in a supporting appearance making my attendance a lonely and unpleasant experience. Having glugged my tepid orange juice I tootled off. Apparently the exhibition will stay in place for 6 months, so I shall grow accustomed to seeing my offering on the wall every time I go to the University Centre.
My crisis of confidence over artistic production as acute as ever. Recent tutorials do not seem to have provided any discernable reassurance or relief. Am thinking that a week or two of personal reflection will not come amiss and I will reapprise my attitude and make some decisions then. (feeling wise).
I seem to have a bit of an attitude problem all round just now. Spiky and argumentative, the Farmer is wisely keeping his head down below the parapet. Probably hormones. Or something. Don't cross me just now, anyway, to be on the safe side!
Traaaalaaaaaaaa........ X

Note to our Best Man and his wife....

In the absence of your mobile phone number (owing to several mobile phone disasters), and now in the knowledge that you have moved - I hope you read my blog. We look forward to hearing from you..........