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Monday, 27 June 2011

unwanted guests

When the builders set to work this morning they noticed a low, background buzzing. Upon closer inspection the roof of my studio-to-be proved to be harbouring a new and very active wasps nest! As one of the builders is allergic to wasp venom he spent a tense and careful day working right below the newly erected wasp home. I was despatched to purchase a can of wasp nest foam to use after sundown. The nest itself is a beautiful thing, looking something like a white cabbage, or incredibly large flower bud. But busy, very busy, with active young wasps. This evening the baby boy courageously volunteered to don protective clothing (trackie bottoms, plastic jacket and one leather glove...). He climbed the step ladder somewhat nervously, and aimed the jet of foam at the nest. It felt really heartless. The nest was absolutely flooded with white foam, the weight of which brought down all the grub bearing comb parts, leaving the beautiful empty shell still attached to my tiles. Hundreds of poisoned wasps flopped to the floor, to meet a grizzly end, and fat white grubs splashed from the comb cells. Grim. One of the most unpleasant tasks I have ever been party to. However, no-one likes a garden full of wasps and I certainly can't expect the builders to remove and replace my tiles whilst they are alive with the stinging critters. So, goodbye wasps, and hello continuing renovations.

laydeez & gennlemen...

Oh, what a night! Still laughing.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

cross dressing!

The farmer and I went to a partay last night. Photos at party awaited with amusement. Pre-departure appearance captured by baby boy - who was completely traumatised by the role reversal. Can't say wearing a suit and tie did it for me - but seeing men wearing bras and wigs was hilarious. Think this has to be theme for my own next party, whenever that may be - laughed and laughed!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

queen of cakes

Hardly a Master Baker, however I was surprised to find myself baking this afternoon, and here are the results, which I am rather proud of! I never make cakes. I am rubbish at it. Really, really rubbish. Savoury dishes? I'm your cook. Fancy puddings? I'll probably produce the goods. Cakes? Try someone else! Therefore - in something of a dah-dah moment - I can hardly wait for my family to come home for tea. The ones that are here, that is. The Big Boy has sent a message from Foreign Climes today. He is fine. Travelling. Probably meeting a friend at the weekend. That's it folks! Absolutely overwhelmed with all the information? Me neither. However, some news is better than none at all, so I'm trying to be grateful.

Pups growing bigger and stronger. Fighting, barking, complaining. Just like kids. Can't wait for them to start leaving for their new homes now! Soon. Very soon. Their mother has had a complete run of bad luck. She had a grass seed stuck in her eyeball, which took the Vets two days to remove. Very painful. Then a grass seed stuck between her front toes has made a huge septic lump, and now a bunch of grass seeds pushed in like arrow heads in her hind paw (which I have pulled out now) has made her limp and hop. Wondering if she would be better off living with a family in a desert location!

Baby boy working lots and lots of hours at Butlitz and enjoying his first experience of the Mysteries of the Retail World. I am so proud of his work ethic. Long may it continue in his life.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


All reserved! If you were tempted but didn't buy, visit now, and cuddle at will. They are all spoken for so the temptation has disappeared!

Saturday, 18 June 2011


I've joined them - cathrynsw on Twitter. Be there or be square?

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Hot weather? Bath with a friend!

If this hot weather is just too, too much for you, here's a suggestion. Hop into the bath w

ith a friend or two - sell tickets, chat about it with family! That's what the chickens are doing and it seem to cheer them up no end. I do believe we should all try it!

Just one puppy still looking - could it be You?

Fourth puppy sold tonight, he's going to Boston, and the lovely lady was looking for her daughter, but I suspect she is going to keep him as her own companion - he looked at her from the box when she walked in - she scooped him up and it was love at first sight! Marvellous. Just one girlie left, she has a long thin white stripe down her chest, and gorgeous face, and no-one to love her yet (except me of course). There are tewo families coming to view her at the weekend, so fingers crossed. Have to say these cockerpoos have been easier to sell than the KC registered working cockers, perhaps because they are pets not working animals? My friend Gill was told by a dog trainer for assistance dogs (blind and deaf/blind) that the dogs he trains most of, the easiest dogs to train, are..... yes, you've guessed it - cockerpoos! Doesn't that bode well for the future of my puppies. Think we might have to try for cockerpoos again if we go through this process next year. And if I don't have a nervous breakdown! Got them here for another 4 weeks if you want as cuddle. Get them now!!!!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

puppy marketing news:

Three now spoken for! Just one girl and one boy left. Now I feel sorry for the ones not chosen!!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

owlie update

I phoned my neighbour to ask if I could have a bag of frozen mice or frozen chicks to feed owlie. He keeps plenty in stock for his many and varied raptors, snakes and monitors. He called over with a bulging sack of the necessaries and took a look at Owlie. Lifted him out of the box. Checked his breastbone, wings, legs and feet for breaks. Felt his crop and realised owlie was very empty. I concluded that these were very experienced hands. And that indeed, they might be better hands than mine to look after owlie. Therefore the offer was made..... and after some diplomatic exchanges my neighbour has kindly carried Owlie away to rehabilitate in his vivarium where it is warm, be fed a more appropriate diet by a non scaredy-cat carer, and hopefully achieve release condition in double quick time. The relief is considerable and I do think that owlie has the best shot at normal life in the Snake-keeper's care. Good luck Owlie. Will keep you posted.


My nephew came to visit at tea time yesterday. One minute after his departure he telephoned to say there was a baby owl sitting in the middle of the road, and he had only just managed not to run over it. We thought we would pop out and have a look. By the time we arrived it had shuffled into a nettlebed. Nephew was carefully keeping an eye on it. It looked very woebegone. Scrunched up, cold and its feet all curled up into little fists. The farmer, who had the foresight to pick up his work gloves, gathered the lonesome stranger into his hands. It looked pretty sad. We think it has fallen out of the HUGE ash tree which is close by. No sign of a parent. No sound from the infant. The newphew, his good deed done for the day, rushed off to work. The farmer and I brought the infant home in a small box. I googled Raptor Rescue. Nearest rescue is over 40 miles away. I telephoned for advice. Nice man said babe needed to be kept at 70 degrees, tried with worms, and if it survived the night might be releaseable on Saturday. Babe wouldn't eat any worms which the Farmer manfully dug from our parched and solid earth. I popped the owl box inside the chick box, thus sharing the heat lamp. Crossed fingers.

This morning Owlie is looking really perky. Still won't eat any live worms. I searched my drawers! Found an old syringe. Loaded it up with puppy boiled chicken and rice from my fridge. Topped up with water. Tapped the infant beak. His eyes opened wide! He opened his beak, made some quite cute noises, and stuck the syringe down his own throat. I pressed the plunger, slowly, and Bobs your Uncle, he fed beautifully!

Now all I need to know is how much, how often, and how can I stop Owlie becoming tame? Questions, questions.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Auntie of the puppies is causing some management problems with the pack. She is trying to take complete possession of the puppies. She jumps into the box and won't let mum in to feed them. She would also lick them bald if she could. She absolutely adores the puppies. She shivers with excitement at the prospect of being near them. It has been a hard decision but she has spent the last two days completely seperated from them. She knows they are in here, and its all she can do to survive without a sight of them. She has stopped eating. She whines and howls for them. Gods, its driving me ROUND THE BEND! Mum is putting up a brave fight to keep on feeding and licking them herself. Women. If only Auntie had done the deed with one of her swains she would have her own puppies. I guess she doesn't completely understand that!

And secondly we also have trouble with a neighbour. The farmer has sold 4 loads of straw to a commercial straw buyer, who has sent a lorry and trailer for same. The farm is on a very, very narrow country lane. The lane is overhung with native trees, of considerable height and antiquity. The high stacked bales of straw on the back of the lorry and trailer, and the long branches of the trees, have come into contact with each other on the lane. A little straw has been brushed onto the road. Its breezy. It will blow around and away, eventually! However, the neighbour "is NOT complaining, but would like the straw to stop, or be netted, because its blowing into his drive"! How dare it! I am ashamed to say that I laughed when he phoned to complain earlier today. Oops.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

owlishly excellent

6.45am. Dog walking duties. Barn owl searching field we are walking in. Then, out of an empty blue sky comes..... a little owl! Going home to bed I think. Owlingly marvellous.

Monday, 6 June 2011

day 19

Today they pups have lapped up some real food, and are racing in a wobbly way up and down their box. Looks like they all had too much vino collapso!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

eyes open, wide awake!

Fat and gorgeous! Two weeks old today. This little girl is called Molly and is going to live near Nottingham in 6 weeks time. Her two brothers and to sisters hoping for equally lovely families to come and choose them.