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Sunday, 18 December 2011

This morning's car window screen, and the little boy's rowing cup and medal. Even he is quite proud to have won. No other photos to upload just now. My brother & his wife's 30th wedding anniversary celebration today, which was wonderful. Sadly, I was attacked by a migraine towards the end of a lovely meal. My new meds have worked very successfully. A relief to know I have them for future attacks.

Both boys ensconsed at home for Christmas and New Year. Mess, noise, food dishes (all empty), washing, books, files, shoes and stacks of other stuff have appeared as if by magic. Can hardly pick my way around the kitchen. And its lovely. I really must have missed them! Still have many Christmas cards to deliver (goodness knows when) and I seem to have forgotten to put up a Christmas tree. The general consensus is that we won't miss it this year, so the corner of the sitting room is empty (and uncluttered). The girls (dogs) seem to be in season, to add to the joys of the Christmas season, and may need a visit to a suitor on Boxing Day! Or the day after. Hmmm.

Wishing readers a very peaceful festive season, filled with love and happiness. Thanks for reading. X

Monday, 5 December 2011

20 days to Christmas

Almost written cards, almost all gifts in house. Feel a bit more on top of tasks today. Guess that won't last long. Today's daubing - practicing 'layering' apparently. Shed just a few days from completion, every time I look at it I am bubbling with excitement. My very own space. Yee Haaa!

Youngest chick competed at weekend, indoor rowing! Joy. Not out in the freezing cold and wet. Didn't quite understand results but left with impression he came third (perhaps his Uni, or perhaps East Midlands. Too much information after gin o'clock). Eldest chick appears to be existing incommunicado. Which I don't like. *Sigh*. Guess that means he is alive. More I cannot hazard a guess at. X