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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

all aboard for a Mystere tour!

Today quite a few members of my families gathered on the deck of a sea cruiser called Mystere for a day trip out into the Wash to see the wonderful common and harbour seals lazing on the sandbanks at low tide, in their natural environment. It was an overcast and cool day, but thankfully the sea was calm as a millpond, so all poor travellers were able to cope without a retch between them! The river itself was a horrible sight, absolutely and completely choked with a foul green weed, which has proliferated during July and August. It is so bad a weed cutting boat had to launch before us, and cut a path through the terrible greenery so that the Mystere could make the trip. Once out into the salty water the green monster dies. We had a couple of hours anchored adjacent to the sandbanks, dining, admiring the seals and

generally taking our ease. There were about 100 seals in the group we were watching, big and little, young and old. Several members of the family fell asleep....and all of us thoroughly enjoyed sharing a little time with the inquisitive and adept mammals in the water. The seals seemed to enjoy looking at us at least as much as we did them. We motored back with the tide, and battled through the greenery once more to dock, tired and happy at 6.30pm. The Mystere is now to be retired from active service so we were lucky to make the trip. Thanks guys!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

here's one I made earlier

And here's a painting I really do like, which I completed this afternoon. Sadly in the photo I have slightly cut the left hand side, so you are not seeing the quite complete version! However, I really like it. If it doesn't do it for you, stand back a bit. Go on, a bit more. It looks better from about 8 ft (in the room anyway). THis one is destined for a locl art competition. Whoop! Other news. Baby boy has just 10 more working days to go. I am having an MRI scan on Tuesday next (eek), Big Boy all set for University (again...) and The Farmer ploughing like a thing possessed. Lots more to go.

Monday, 22 August 2011

and the wheat comes in (sigh of relief)

About one third of the wheat is now in the shed. A neighbouring farmer, who was brave enough to dally with a devil in order to purchase his own combine harvester, is working all hours to bring in his own and the Farmer's wheat. Along with several other crops locally. The Big Boy is manfully driving tractor and trailer to bring the crop from harvester to store. The Farmer is backing the team the final few yards, tipping and organising the wheat in the store. What a mammoth task. Rushing like mad because the forecast is for rain tonight. The trails of straw are staying out, and will be rained upon, there is only so much the Farmer and the Big Boy can achieve in the time available. Believe I can hear thunder rumbling as I type. Eek.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the two girls are receiving less exercise than they consider is appropriate, and are feeling a bit sad and dejected.

The Baby Boy is on his last two weeks working at Butlitz and is looking forward to a bit of free time prior to his return to University. I believe we are in imminent expectation of a visit from the lovely M, when she returns from her sojourn touring Europe on the railways. Oh to be young, and carefree! I have to enrol at college on the 6th, and begin my course on the 12th. Everything seems to be tumbling along at breakneck speed now that the end of the summer is almost here. Could do with some sort of 'slow down' switch for a few weeks.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Evil beneath my feet

Its still here, causing havoc beneath the sitting out area:

and the Egg Shed creeps SSSSLLLLLOOOOWWWWLLLYYYYY onwards in tiny steps. Brickwork complete. Windows awaited.

and finally, a quick interpretation of Rosie, my friend's dog. There's much that is not quite right about the picture, but oddly, it does capture her spirit, which is completely laid back. A few days sellotaped to my kitchen wall, then the bin, I think.

There was an owl in the Farmer's shed yesterday, I tried very hard to photograph it, as it obligingly flew to and fro across the roof trusses. Sadly my rubbishy little camera can't 'click' quickly enough, and all I have are smudgy bright eyes and a smeared blob. Hoping to buy a better camera in the Autumn when I start college. All the peas have gone from the meadows, and I can no longer walk to the meadow gate, eat my own bodyweight in the sweet, round veggies, and stagger home with chronic wind! Waiting for the wheat harvest to begin now. Farmer tense and watching the barometer. Fingers crossed for a few fine days. Apples, plums and pears galore, and bullaces (bullies) by the ton. Anyone thinking of sloe vodka or sloe gin making should come and try the bullaces instead. As usual most will fall to the orchard floor and feed the wasps. It does seem a waste.

Friday, 12 August 2011

a few minor hitches

I am absolutely full of cold. Miserably snuffly, sneezy, coughing and full of 'stuff'. Ugh. Its been a week now. Would quite like to cheer up and get over it. Perhaps tomorrow? I remain hopeful despite bug. Also, beneath my new outdoor sitting area there lurks an enemy! A small and furry creature keeps pushing up a hill BETWEEN THE SLABS! The blighter. I keep removing the evidence, and he keeps squeezing up another hillock whilst my back is turned. I have taken away so much soil I do believe the slabs will all collapse in a heap shortly. I have reported this mole-ish behaviour to the Farmer, who seems powerless to stop the excavations. No room to get a trap into the run. I'm thinking about a strategy. Thinking. Thinking!

Fetched big boy from the airport. Now home, and almost unpacked. Wild hair cut and tidy, stinky traveller clothing washed and folded, stories told and photos admired. Soooooo glad to have him back. Of course I am letting go. Very, very slowly. The Farmer has a stack of tasks for the Big boy to do in the next few weeks to make up for his long, long travelling holiday.

I have now been 'on the wagon' for a week, and its not too bad! In fact, the Neurologist I saw yesterday said it was a worthless exercise as far as migraine concerned. He advised return to glass of wine soonest. However, it has to be said that I am actually enjoying the experience, so will keep my wagon seat warm for now. Perhaps, if my scan is clear, I shall revisit the demon drink. Perhaps. Or perhaps not. Have been prescribed new drugs for rather troublesome headaches, to collect next week, and looking forward to having something in the medicine cabinet to defeat the discomfort. Ha.

Earlier in the week I went to a different hospital to have a splint made for my dislocated finger, and was forgotten in the waiting room for an hour. Just like wearing a cloak of invisibility. Occupational Therapist mortified! Quite funny. Well, I laughed later. I had checked in with two Receptionists. And sat right in front of one all the time. Truly invisible. If only I could market it.

It has been a busy week with the two hospital visits, the Heathrow run (which included a night near Windsor with some dear friends) and a Charity Trustees meeting. Luckily will be relaxing next week in a luxury Spa. Just for the day. Can hardly wait.

Only photo I have is my Windsor friend's sleepy dog. Her name is Rosie. Little does she know that she is also an artist's model. Shhhh, its a secret! Next week's project will be to get her lovely, floppy face onto canvas. If its any good i'll blog it. If its rubbish i'll bin it.

So, from the surprisingly comfortable depths of my NON-DRINKERS chair, I bid you tata for now.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

abroad on The Broads

A few delightful days boating. Here I am upon waking after a night on the waves, feeling cream crackered, and a tiny bit worse for wear. Here also mine host who NEVER falls asleep during the day..., and also the Farmer trying to tip mine host into the broad. Finally the Farmer and mine host sailing incognito - well, sailing is an extremely generous description of their activities, which did save them from 6 year old twins' entertainment for about an hour. A good time was had by almost all, for almost all of the time. I won one night's Scrabble, and the Lady Hostess won the second night's challenge. That's two up for the girls. Of course. Rather innocently the Lady Hostess thought Scrabble was a fun, but slightly boring word game. She soon realised that blood was going to be drawn, gathered her wits, and put in a stunning performance to trounce us all in the second innings. She also turned out to be a Chief Superintendent of the Word Police, and in the absence of a dictionary we all had to abide by her opinion. Therefore, such valuable stand-bys as Fe, Fi, Fo and Fum, also Do, Reh Fa, La and Te were roundly banished and much brain power was expended satisfying her dastardly rules. Next time I shall pack a dictionary......!

A quick visit to Burnham Market to cheer the journey home, and now to my own bed. Always lovely to go away, and equally lovely to come back home.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sunshine and lollipops!

My little sun trap area is about finished, and if I can persuade the chickens to stop pooping all over the slabs it will be absolutely gorgeous! Today it was 85 degrees out there. I am as brown as a nut. Someone asked me the other day if I had been for a spraytan!!!! As if. It is absolutely lovely to have somewhere to sit in the sun for a cup of tea, and I only wish I had developed the area years ago. When my GIANT chimenea arrives next week I shall be able to drink my fizz out there in the evening too. Can hardly wait. Don't call in to see me unless you are fully prepared to sit outside for your refreshment, rain or shine.

The egg-shed is making extremely slow progress. The joiner is busy making some sliding sash windows for another customer, and also has an urgent order for a pair of hand-made hardwood terrace doors. Obviously these also take precedence over my little shed. However, a bit more brickwork was completed today, and its almost at the 'new floor' stage. I'm trying to be calm about it as there is still so much more to do, and my pile of buttons is diminishing!

Big boy to be collected from Heathrow on Monday and I can hardly wait. I am having a splint made for my dislocated finger next week too. Also going to see a neurologist about my interminable migraines on the 11th, so have much to think about. A lovely girl-friend is forcing me to spend a long and sumptuous day at Simpsons Luxury Spa, Branston Hall later in the month and I have reluctantly (ha) agreed to the indulgence. Can hardly wait! The weeks have slipped by until its almost time for me to start at college. Feeling pretty nervous about that now, and guess the anxiety will only get worse. Afraid I may turn out to be a complete dud artistically, and academically. That will be a leveller! Keep you posted. X