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Monday, 24 October 2011

cows to cornflakes

cows to cornflakes a video by oldfartartist on Flickr.

rising at 4.20am on my birthday to make this. Hope it gets TOP MARKS at school!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

home news

Time seems to be at a premium now that I am at college. Who would have thought that being a student would demand so many hours and committment! Certainly not me. Brief family update includes news that both boys happy and settled. Been to see the Baby boy today with food and funds. He gets up to row the canoe thingy three days every week at 5am. 5. a. m. And he's a student! Not much ease and idleness for him either. No news of Big Boy. Assuming that's good!

Farmer has his fields sorted out for winter. Not entirely sure what that entails. There has been much talk of 'pressing', 'seeding', 'rolling' and 'fertilising'. Thinking he might be working in some sort of fertility clinic? Who knows?

Horse has donned his winter garb owing to downturn in environmental temperature. He doesn't seem to mind. Its the spotty coat for now. Two girls being remarkably well-behaved at the moment, though neither looking like they are coming into season. No more puppies for now! The incey-wincey, teeny-weeny baby koi that the Big Boy 'popped' into my fishtank prior to his departure are growing into man-eating sharks before our eyes. Looking for a safe home for 5 pale (silver?) koi asap. The Farmer is acting chicken-keeper at the present time. Regretfully this seems to mean that NO EGGS are being laid. Not a single one. This weekend I shall have to buy eggs. We are feeding more than 30 chooks and no egg production..... only one end in view, and its not pretty......

Have taken thousands of photographs in the past three weeks, all for my Art course, and all similarly boring. Therefore, this is and will remain a pictureless posting. A multitude of apologies.

Just remembered, on a happier note, my shed renovation is finally starting to take shape. Long way to go, but the joiner (village coffin maker and bearer) has been working every day this week, and really 'crackin' on'. Makes me nervous when he looks at me with a tape-measure in his hand though! I rarely see him and his dad (who is the brick man) as I leave prior to their arrival, and return from college long after they have left. Its like the fairies have been to work in the shed! I think I am going to call it the 'EGG SHED GALLERY'. Private viewings and commissions by appointment. Hahahahaha! One day.

Have a busy weekend in view, and also a flat-out Monday. Followed by an impressively full timetable at college for remainder of the week. The days of self-employment seem long ago, and also a time of ease and plenty! How things change. If the time flies by much faster I shall be looking for the time travel machine I MUST have stepped into by mistake.

Speak soon!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

thirsty worm!

October 12, 2011 a video by oldfartartist on Flickr.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

mikey & the hen

October 8, 2011 a video by oldfartartist on Flickr.

mikey & the egg

October 8, 2011 a video by oldfartartist on Flickr.

Mikey & the wheat

My Movie a video by oldfartartist on Flickr.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

progress, of a sort

What a stupendous weekend! Two BBQ's under balmy, tropical skies, and we never raised a spatula. And the lovely Em and her beau came for tea on Sunday with the Olds. Gorgeous. This week at college have produced the two pieces photographed. The drawings and photo I am quite pleased with, the 'mobile' should be in the bin. I painted it metallic pink as a gesture of defiance! Otherwise, its going well, though very tiring. And hard. Who would have thought? College group dawdlin' down to London for three days in November, and we staying in a HOSTEL! OMG. I am half a century old and have never been hostelling. Obviously not considered too old to learn. I have paid extra for a single room. Stay in a triple with strangers? I don't think so! Gods know what the other students will think, but I'm not sharin' with 'em. Also forcing The Farmer to take me to London during October to look at a painting at the National Gallery. Its the subject of my first essay, and hoping viewing it up close and personal will improve the essay beyond recognition. Some hope.

On a lighter note, the moles have pushed up something akin to a minor mountain range around the mole scarers (what a misnomer that is) and a hen died yesterday despite my attempts to assist it to drink and dine. My favorite too. Typical. The scratty, grotty ones look as lively as crickets, and my pretty little dalmation coloured, blue egg laying pet ups and dies without as much as a by-your-leave.

The wheat is (I believe) all 'in', peas don't go 'in' until the Spring. Wheat has 'sprung' and now praying for rain (apparently) before it shrivels and dies in front of our eyes. All seems very stressful, though nothing like as horrible as dairy farming/nightime calving & dead cows, which are just a distant memory!

The Farmer ordered a grain moisture meter (honestly) from America last week, and it arrived today in a HUGE box. When I arrived home from College he was drooling over it. And his brother in law had been over for a bit of drooling this afternoon. It powders the grain before measuring the water content. What a treat. Came in its own attache case practically with bows on. Expecting to find it in bed with the Farmer tonight. He certainly loves it anyway!

Big boy seems to have settled in at Harper Adams if the lack of information is any guide. I did risk a call yesterday, and he had time to tell me he was fine, busy every night until Christmas, and off to breakfast before the buffet table was cleared by ravenous students. Missing him already. Obviously. Baby boy also showing marked signs of satisfaction with University life as his phone also appears to be broken. Risked a text to him yesterday, and so far, no reply. Being a parent to great big boys easy job. As not required. Hmmmm. Probably see them at Christmas anyway. Hopefully!

Booked to see Fascinating Aida this coming weekend with friends. Quite excited. If you don't know who they are google it, or better still, watch a skit or two on UTUBE. Truly original, and hilarious. Third time I have seen them. Improving with age, like good wine. Speaking of which, looks like G&T time. Adieu, adieu.