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Sunday, 28 September 2008

holiday, holiday

On return of sis from US yesterday I having a few days at home. AFter 3 weeks going in to work every day wake up this morning to enjoy R&R, but with horrible sinusitis - aaarrggghhh. Full of drugs and pain killers (hopeless), now going to lay down. Damnit.

Friday, 26 September 2008

some customers never satisfied

Phil, who comes to help with bins and grass cutting on Mondays reports that this Monday a guest looked out of her unit when he emptied her bin, and she said "What, checking the bins again? Its terrible, you're always checking the bins and emptying them!" She was grumpy about this service. I can only assume from this that she would prefer to have her bin flowing over onto the grass, making a picturesque scene for everyone...

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

woodpecker ahoy

Yesterday morning we saw this young bird, who had mistaken the telegraph pole for a tree. He gave the top a very good pecking, and then flew off to nearby trees. It was, I assure you, very exciting at the time! Don't see too many woodpeckers, though can hear them quite clearly. Electrical problems at the salt mines, solved by Sparky thank goodness, and beautiful weather disappeared as usual. Yella horse stopped limping without treatment, he's a puzzle, see when it happens again.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Fab, fab weather - at last

Frankly, busier than a busy bee at salt mines, falling down into bed at night exhausted. But what joy - the sunshine!!! Brought out holidaymakers in droves, flocks, crowds and herds. Even sold a caravan (yippee). Only cloud on horizon is yella horse - terribly lame hind leg, he is such a wimp. Vet to come again next week - horse a complete albatross - but handsome with it!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Aide memoire to self - saddle fitter postulates today that Skipper's intermittent lameness is hind right (looking at him from tail end). Bad today circling with that leg on inside, sound other direction, and sound trotting up road. Saddle had tiny amount of flocking added on left hand side to balance, though common sense dictated other side. All very complicated. All professionals seem to agree that at some time Skipper has probably suffered a major trauma in the pelvic area, or high hip, leaving him slightly unbalanced behind through imperfect healing. Doesnt track up perfectly on that side, and that hind leg often looks slightly stiff as he moves off. Neither muscular nor skeletal manipulation able to perfect pelvic position. All guesswork, wait until he permanently unsound before pursuing, as it may never deteriorate further, with good luck & a following wind. Interesting. (Read expensive). As he's going to stay with me until he dies, and we shall grow older and stiffer together it doesn't really matter to me, but its a pity. Its something I have been monitoring more or less since I got him, and it became apparent that he wasn't altogether sound working on the road consistently. Poor purchasing judgement in first place...but its a learning curve, only myself to blame!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

10am - wet bed

Guest just been in to confess wet bed - 'nuff said.


Been so busy down salt mines no time for photos, updates or anything away from salt-face. Have found time to take Skipper for couple of spins in new shoes...he's so excited I can hardly do anything with him. He rushes down the drive, runs up the road, and takes about one mile to settle into a reasonable pace. Last night, got him nicely settled then galloped down a huge stubble field, he exited the field like he had a firework up his bum, and spent next ten mnutes looking for place to do same again. Don't know what has brought on this intense excitement for outings in the horse, hoping familiarity will breed contempt and bring his relaxed, ambling self back. Otherwise I shall have to dope him, or something. I'm too old for excitement! Hoping for a quieter day at coast today, as it should be my day off its only fair, so telepathically contacting all guests so that they know not to bring their problems and complaints through the door today. Yuckily, yesterday new arrival returned a freshly laundered duvet cover saying it wasn't clean. I was most put out, and asked her to show me: she held out the edge of the cover with the biggest, most horrible, pile of brown "stuff" stuck like glue near the seam. Hard and stuck fast something like chewing gum, but not chewing gum colour, I was mortified. Obviously gave her new one, couldn't clean off the "brown stuff" (what can it be?) so its gone for burning, and another bottle of wine in hands of guests as apology. Nearly end of season....

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Vets & vaccinations

Skipper booked for flu & tetanus annual booster vacs. today - Vet Alistair expected in afternoon. He phoned last night to ask if he could come at 7am! Yes it was a bit early...but on the plus side, Skipper so bemused to see Vet so early, accompanied by me in my coat and pyjamas - needle in and out before eyes properly open! Things so busy in animal kingdom vet has to start that early to squeeze all calls in. No credit squeeze there then...

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

four new shoes hit the road!

New farrier, who seems to have missed all the lessons about not being punctual, and ignoring clients' calls, has been today. He arrived early, having called beforehand to ascertain all details. Worked carefully and patiently, and WAS CHEAPER! Hooray for 4 shoes on horse. Skipper should be back to roadwork tomorrow weather permitting - but that's another problem...

Monday, 8 September 2008

weasel corpse

big boy and I were walking up the field to pick some apples and blackberries for a crumble this evening, and we stumbled upon this tiny corpse. Its a juvenile, about 6 inches nose to tail, and had quite obviously just been killed by something, giving it a sharp, and deadly nip at the neck, as you can see. Its a handsome creature, though big boy glad to see it dead, as he has often lost chicks to predatory weasels. Brought it back to house to photograph - that's dedication. Crumbles in oven now, its years and years since I picked brambles into a plastic bowl, quite excited about results! How domestic.
Poor horse fated in the shoe department. Found new farrier, prepared to come tomorrow, just texted to say van broken, try to rent new one tomorrow. Uber-disaster, horse feet desperate for help. Original farrier not responding to phone, presume still hospitalised. AAARRRGGGHH

Sunday, 7 September 2008

laundry lows

Presenting: one sheet (on right) and one matress cover from below the sheet (on left). Now what are you doing in your holiday bed, that makes a bright coral coloured stain, which has resisted all washing techniques, said stain running right through the sheet onto the plastic matress cover below? Not blood, not nail varnish, not make-up. I cannot think what activity may have taken place to make these terrible stains. Of course, I am putting the linen straight in the bin, but it makes me really cross. And here, for the uninitiated, is a lot of washing. Bored already.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Unsurprisingly its been raining. We left the dog shut in yesterday, and she doesn't like storms. There must have been a small storm over the house, and in her agitation she dug all the shoes out of the shoe cupboard, along with my sewing bag, dead spiders etc... Today youngest son stayed with her (everyone else went to salt mines) and he managed to surprise the dog cuddling up with her mortal enemy the cat. Just shows what she gets up to when she (thinks she's) alone. Mucky ducky departures today, yuk, yuk, yuk.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

apple slobber

Just so you can see for yourself: limit of 6 fruits per sitting, for fear of colic - boy does he love 'em.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

more tesco terror

Just watched local news (Look North) and another mum with her 15 yr old daughter turned away at till of Tesco. (Brigg branch). Friends keep phoning to say 'did you see the news, same as you!'

Had three days off from salt mines to gather strength for absence of other two full time staff for 3 weeks on holiday, they depart imminently. Doubtless I shall be dragging people in off the streets to help with the workload if things get really bad! Happens every year, and makes me crabby as a box of crabs every time. During the last two days I have washed, ironed, cleaned, tidied, cooked food, shopped, changed beds, vacuumed, in fact, everything I can think of to ease the next month. Am trying to convince menfolk that they would like to take over food duties for 4 weeks, but not well received.

Skipper still missing front shoes, Farrier stood us up again, although he appears to be in hospital so he does have a reasonable excuse. Hoping for next week? Skipper in fat, idle heaven doing so little work.

Whilst tidying my clothes, and throwing some out, I couldn't help noticing that the older ones all seem to have shrunk at exactly the same pace. Uncanny. What happens to clothes on their hangers? Is there some sort of shrinking dust in the air? Luckily, new purchases have more space in them so tightness not an issue. Its a sad truth that my shape seems to have morphed from the equivalent of a stiletto heel into a rather comfy old shoe. At the same time hair colour has altered from mousey blonde to 'white blonde'! When I look around I see that almost all women over the age of 30 dye their hair! Why do they do that? I can't decide whether I should continue the graceful descent into full whiteness, or fight and dye.