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Sunday, 2 February 2014

A bunch of new arrivals

So, the fruits of James and Treacle's brief 'affaire' arrived yesterday from 11am through until 12.30 am.  A total of 8 tiny puppies made their way into the world with very little fuss and bother. One breech delivery was very fragile, and needed 10minutes to drain its lungs and circulate its blood supply, and another was very slightly stuck at the shoulders. All in all though, she did magnificently and is proving to be a really competent mother. James is a very proud father, and is guarding the gates to his family castle against all comers. Fudge, the Aunt, and previous breeder in this house, doesn't even seem to mind, though she is keeping a weather eye on proceedings.

The farmer and I are exhausted already, the prospect of caring for 8 of the blighters for the next couple of months is very daunting. However, it must be done. And then there is home finding for them! With so many I am considering some sort of bogof offer Buy One Get One Free, or Buy two and take the lot..... Though I have had some enquiries about a prospective litter, it remains to be seen if any of those enquiries turn into actual homes.

More than this I cannot tell you, owing to brain freeze caused by the constant tiny cry of infant puppies. Its very hard to resist....

Mucho love X