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Monday, 28 November 2011

Argh, argh, argh. Almost December....

Helloooooooo. Photos first. Here's my dad and the farmer helping me to learn to use the 'smile' device on number 2 son's camera. It's wicked! The greeeeen painting is the result of about two weeks of daubing in oils, a medium I neither like nor understand. I have the vision! But I don't have the technique or expertise to bring the vision to the canvas as I want it. In about two weeks it will be dry enough for me to try and improve it. One of the many reasons I don't like oils. Far too long for an impatient painter to wait between stages! And finally, the MAP! An advert for Lightworks, in Grimsby shortly. An Arts Festival. Coming years may even see something of mine featured. Not this year though.

Been to London (exhausting), had the breast scan thingy (surprisingly unpainful), dropped out of the shopping trip (too flustered). Going forward, already looks like all the weekends up to and beyond Christmas already booked out, so hoping to keep January sacrosanct, and enjoy a bit of home-time! Have a formal Christmas dinner/dance this weekend, and also next. By 25th December I shall bear even more resemblance to a football than I do now. *sigh*.

Horse idling away in field, dogs lively as ever and farmer in a stress because his wheat is being picked up, even as I type. He's loading the lorries as fast as he can, though not quite fast enough to keep up. Looking forward to the man-boys coming home in 3 weeks (though still seems a long wait) and also counting days to my own Christmas break from college. Its been a long haul to this first learning gap, and I shall appreciate the change from travelling and studying. Thinking - laying in bed and eating too much. Good alternatives hey! Thanks for sharing. X

Sunday, 13 November 2011

time on extra fast?

So much to do, and seem to have so little time! College going well, proving to be an exciting journey of discovery one way and another. I am there 9am to 5pm Tueday, Wednesday and Friday, and the other two weekdays are more or less fully occupied with 'homework'. Therefore every weekend is full on catching up with everything else. It seems to be non-stop.

My shed is progressing slowly. Up to date activity involves tiles. Lots and lots of tiles of the wall and floor varieties. I bought the wrong toilet (obviously). and much lip sucking and tutting ensued. Its going in anyway.

Went to Yorkshire yesterday to pick up a Christmas gift, and also to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Galleries which was a truly wonderful experience, and I heartily recommend it to anyone who is passing. Took our 'girls' with us, as you can see, and they dragged us from one end of the Park to the other. Joy.

Hardly heard from the sons, so assuming that Harper Adams and University of Leicester are keeping them fully occupied with academic studying. Or similar.

The Farmer has sold all of his wheat at last, not the best price of the year, but certainly not the worst, and hanging on any longer was beginning to opress him. So its gone. Whoohoo. He also had a bit of his ear cut away on Friday. An unpleasant and ever-changing mole was removed. He has three stitches which he is wearing with pride. He was very brave.

Took the yellow horse out for an amble today, and even the Farmer rode him. It was a very quiet and civilised hour. Thank you Skipper. Calendar filling up between now and Christmas, hard to believe that it will soon be here. I shall be 50 again before I know it!

Next week will bring my London Visit, a 50th birthday party, a dinner with the LAYDDEEEZZZ, a shopping trip to Milton Keynes on a coach, and a breast scan. Not necessarily in that order. I don't see much spare time between. Keeping me young perhaps? Mucho good wishes X