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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

caesarian emergency

Not quite liking the look of the new mum this evening we decided to see if the Vet had a last minute appointment. LUCKILY there was, they waited for us. All pups and mum in a big basket. Mum turned out to have a poor, dead, undelivered breach presentation rotting inside. She was blowing up with gas, and poisoning herself. Ouch. It's out now, and she is sleepy but alive. Fingers crossed that she gets some rest tonight.

woolly whippet & CANDIE!

A very beautiful young lady poodle visited for the second time today, to keep her appointment with James, the woolly whippet. Today she was eager to progress the relationship, and all went very well, with James behaving like a complete gentleman, considerate, polite and kind. A great success, Candie left with a little smile on her (very cute) face, and James retired for a smoke (or similar). Well done little fellow. This does, of course, mean that the Farmer has passed the examination to be a PIMP. No kidding.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The woolly whippet has got a date in his diary for tomorrow. A young lady is visiting, and she will hopefully mate with him. Whoohoo for James! Wondering if a wash, brush-up and dash of after-shave will improve his chances of a successful service? Fingers crossed for the boy.

College is on-going. Can't say its flying by, as some of the stuff we do leaves me feeling oddly confused and mystified. Sure it will all come clear in the fullness of time. Or not, as the case may be!

Went to watch my very young friend hunting yesterday, which was a lovely morning out in the fresh air. More than 40 horses following hounds, and a clear and still day giving good scent and long runs over the rolling wolds. Like a trip into a historical film! She rode bravely and well, and I was very proud of her. The pony stood up to the punishing pace with courage and fortitude. 12 year olds are very demanding jockeys!

Big boy and baby boy must be fine as the phone quiet. Baby boy seems to have been selected for regional training for rowing. Understand this is exciting news, and quite a coup. No more details at the moment. Big boy has celebrated his 21st birthday at University. Obviously the old folks were not invited to the celebration, though his brother and also a friend from nearby made the long trip to share his big weekend. Everyone survived so consider it a success!

Puppies due any day from the brown girl. She's as round as an apple, and quite grumpy. They actually due on Tuesday (its now Sunday night). Fingers crossed for a safe delivery. Just want my girl to be okay. Took the yellow horse for a looonnnggggg hack out this morning, and he was ace. A real saint. On the way home we found a lovely young labrador retriever, far from home and very excited about escaping. The farmer rode the horse home and I led the dog and pushed the bike. I phoned the number on the dog's tag and his worried owner drove out to fetch him. A happy ending. Then I went to a Jamie oLIVER PARTY..... just expensive pots and pans. And, then I put in some time in the garden pulling out LOADS of weeds and dead things prior to feeding the old people at tea time. Phew. Unsurprisingly, absolutely cream-crackered now, and ready for a cup of tea and a sit down.

There's a pile of laundry a mile high which needs something doing to it (ironing? putting away?) but I can't face it. Also lots of spider homes keep being fabricated but luckily I am learning to ignore them. Spider protection or similar.

Must go. Try to find time for some more blogin in next few days. Puppy photos, Gigolo photos et cetera.

Mucho love X

Monday, 6 February 2012

Friday, 3 February 2012


things are improving.