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Saturday, 16 July 2011

some progress

Some progress on the slabbed area near the back door which now cannot be scratched up by dog or chicken.... and some progress on my shed (aka studio) which is still a very long way from finished. Sigh. Only one puppy left in this house. A girl. She is going to live with a psychologist and a secondary school drama teacher at the end of the month. Until then she is left with her mother and her auntie.... and me. So, in a bid to find someone to play with her, Baby son brought her two giant soft toys from his place of work. He labours away every day in a gift shop on Butlins Holiday Resort. What a good lad. Earning money so that he has something to spend on beer when he goes back to Uni in the Autumn. Speaking of which, tonight I was frisked for a giant pile of buttons to pay for a student house for July, August and September. Which stands empty. No-one will live in it until october. Nice work if you can get it. Think I paid too much but obviously the cry was 'can we pay this money, its due in on Monday and nearly too late.....'. Feel a bit robbed. Just missing the mask and blunderbuss (oh, and the horse). Stand and deliver. A day shopping with a girlfriend tomorrow, but sadly spent all my buttons on rent...... gods damn it.

Big boy still away in New Zealand and taking a pride in not phoning or emailing any news. Independence. Do I miss him? You bet I do. Even though he has been in sunny Scotland all through the past year he feels very 'far away'. Counting down until his return. I am trying to let go, I really am!

Didn't win the giant lottery money. It would have been a miracle anyway. I didn't have a ticket! There are very special days when I realise that I have everything I need. Today was one of them. Its okay. Tomorrow I will be grumpy again! The farmer has treated himself to a dvd called "Mongrels". Mr B introduced him to the contents. Absolutely shocking! I can't watch any more. Too, too awful. Non-PC. Offensive to just about everyone. The Farmer is absolutely LOVIN' it. Thanks MrB. Hoping to go and see Harry Potter next week, on the Baby Boy's day off. Can hardly wait. That's the big highlight for the next seven days. So far. Oh, and giving blood, and a Ladies Dinner. Things are improving!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

at a recent partaayyyy!

with the baby boy and the lovely M. Celebrating the Cambridge graduation and 21st birthday of the kindest, most gorgeous, and modest young lady you could ever wish to meet. A beautiful evening.
AND I'm trying Twitter again. This time as oldfartartist. Find me and be my twitterfriend. Please.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Kew & queueing

The sartorial splendiferousness that is Mr B (aka BlackLOG)inside a Kew glasshouse (or amidst the rainforests of Borneo, if you prefer)

And the nature loving, tree-communing Mrs B in full lovin' mode. Also, The farmer 'begging' as he queues patiently to see that old trouper 'Blondie' perform in Kew Gardens last night, and myself, trying to pretend that I have never seen the farmer before in my life. The farmer trying to recapture a hippy youth. Finally the auld slapper herself, on the big screen, and failing to hit any big notes, Blondie - who was surprisingly entertaining despite her continuing lack of singing skills. At 66 she put many younger women to shame. The wig was manky, the eye surgery was dubious, but the legs were gorgeous! We have made our tired return home to Lincolnshire this morning, to find that the baby boy and the lovely M have failed to keep the dogs safely at home, and also seem to have had some trouble keeping the home clean and tidy. Oh to be young and fancy free.... All now returned to normal. A good time was had by almost all, for almost all of the time. Mr & Mrs B threw an excellent BBQ party which we enjoyed very much. There was some difficulty with a German during the concert, but what can you expect? She was falling down drunk, loud mouthed and revolting. I shuffled away quietly whilst Mr B upbraided her for being on the losing side in the war.... honestly. Diplomacy skills 0 - Offence caused 1. Mr & Mrs B are kind to tolerate us as guests, particularly as I vetoed the 'top down' option on the Black Car for the homeward journey at 11pm. What a party pooper I turned out to be!!! Too old perhaps?

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Two of the remaining three girl puppies, learning to do some gardening without any supervision. AND having taken up the worst of the grassed area at the back door, the farmer has exposed the awesomely beautiful top of the outdoor well (there is also a similar well inside this house - eek). Probably 200 years old, the top bricks form a perfect half sphere. The depth of the water inside is 7ft, and from one side to the other is at least twelve feet. It is as black as soot inside the well, and it makes my stomach churn when I lean over the rim and peer into its midnight depths. The water is clean enough for tropical fish and contains a multitudinous population of daphnia(?)which my goldfish thoroughly enjoy. Wondering if it is safe to try and make a feature of the top of the well, or keep it safely sealed with the large slab that has covered it these last 50 years. My Dad convinced it might collapse underneath an unwary visitor, and would like it hidden away again for the next 100 years. A dilemma. Wouldn't get brickwork like that now, that's for sure, and has stood the test of time indomitably. The indoor well sits safely below a quarry tiled floor, sealed with a large sandstone slab, which has a huge iron ring bolted into the centre. When lifted out with block and tackle the apature reveals an equally scary sight of black, oily depths. Living in a watery wonderland!

snakey goings on...

The farmer settled into his shed to do a job, and noticed some movement in the corner. Further investigation revealed an unusual lodger, who is nevertheless very welcome. Dining on small rats and mice the grass snake is very, very welcome to stay as long as it likes. Beautiful, elegant, silent and deadly to rodents. Hoping it brings some friends!