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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

new blog, new art

James the poodle now has his own blog at He's looking forward to posting!

Are we liking this? Another student commented that it reflected exactly her emotions: hanging on by a thread. Perceptive. I was thinking of 'floating or falling?' Am in process of creating a new one in black, different pattern of cutouts- 'sinking or swimming?'. On a roll with this one. Slightly afraid that when I have run out of puff for cutting out little man shapes I will be an empty vessel, with nothing left in my head. Here's hoping that I have more creativity hiding around my metaphorical mental corner....

James had a ladyfriend over for 'relations' two days ago. She returned today, but was not allowed in as she was discovered to be unwell on arrival. Sadly James had already spotted her over the garden wall, and was absolutely devastated not to be able to get closer. If it wasn't so funny it would be tragic. He cried, wailed, howled and generally behaved like an unruly youth. Good job he's only as big as a cat. Picked him up and shut him in the kitchen where he sulked until the disappointment faded. Poor little bugger. He's relaxing on the kitchen sofa now, with his head on a cushion. It's not a bad life.

Big boy sorting out his new home in Newport, struggling with setting up utility accounts etc. Boiler was broken and immersion fused on arrival, so he has his hands more than overflowing. Excellent, character building stuff. Particularly lack of hot water, heat and internet.

The farm is to welcome some temporary guests this week, in the form of a flock of sheep. They will be eating off all the grassy areas, and fertilizing the ground. Skipperthewonderhorse was boggle eyed at the fence erectors, so goodness knows how freaked out he will be when the critters actually arrive. He will probably have some sort of equine heart attack. He is afraid of sheep, and they are going to be in full view of his entire field boundary. Next door neighbours in fact. What fun. Also wondering what the dogs will make of it. Hoping there will be lots of electricity in their fence, not to keep them in, but to keep the hounds out.

Have enjoyed a lazy day which included a nap in front of the log burner. Bliss.

Adieu X

Friday, 21 September 2012

4 canvasses in a 6 picture set, although the multi-fabric one is a few men short in its crowd owing to a lack of about 20 tiny pieces of different fabrics. The left hand canvas has silver foil men on it, which are frail and light, and waver slightly in air movement. Absolutely delightful (as far as I can see, anyway!). More dolls promised, and discussed their fate today, nothing decided though. Having a weekend away from the scissors (quite a relief) and researching print ideas for media development. Popping along to Lincoln on Sunday morning (I hope) to view a collage exhibition! Who knew such a thing existed.

 Received a postcard from the baby boy and D today, so obviously still alive, and still exploring Cornwall and its environs.

 Big boy really piddled off as his car has failed its MOT owing to a high emmissions reading. *sigh*. Therefore, investigating mechanic has blank cheque to track down problem and solve. As boy wanted to depart for University tomorrow, he is now being held in Lincolnshire practically against his will. Its not pretty! Hoping vehicle will be ready Monday, or at the latest Tuesday. This does mean he is missing the best of "sh*g a fresher week". Sad but true. Life, sometimes, is very hard when you are 21!!!!!

Mucho xxx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Professional Practice. Two words to strike fear in the heart of an elderly art student..... However, I have managed to find an opportunity to go into a local junior school and deliver a workshop (eek)! I am busily beavering away making poultry portraits using different media! Here's a cockerel profile in fabric collage coming together...... more work needed.

Have prepared a further two canvasses for more tiny little ragdoll figures. Tutor advises I can keep cutting and sticking until I am sick of it..... I could be some time.

Have given far too much time this week to my Chairmanship of a parish land charity 'for the benefit of the poor'. However, hoping that in the coming years I can progress towards winding it up. Fingers crossed. Much water must pass under the bridge between now and then to achieve this aim.

Baby boy gadding around in Cornwall with the lovely D, staying in a Landmark and also visiting friends, I do hope they enjoy their week of R&R.

Big boy revving up for return to Harper Adams, he's off at the weekend if his poorly vehicle is back from the menders, or Monday/Tuesday if car return is delayed. Think his bags are packed and he is under starters orders. He's keen to be away. Grown out of home now. My heart bleeds quietly.

Farmer ploughing, planning and repairing ready for the winter. Busy, busy, busy.

Gin time at this house, so, for now - CHEERS!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

More dolls

Have just received an email advising that I have won £100 and a plaque as first prize in a Beach hut art competition! Well, that will be welcome. Keep you posted.
Mannekin collection is coming on, here they are in my studio space, awaiting development. If you feel you could spare the time to make one, please, please have a go. She/it needs to reflect your most important relationship in one way or another. Just a snapshot of emotion. They are soooo beautiful, and attracting some attention!
Landscape is the sunrise down on t'farm at 6.30am this morning. At 5 degrees it was refreshing, invigorating and awesome. What a combination to walk the dogs in!
And finally, three canvasses are in progress for my first body of work in the new academic year. Surprisingly satisfied with them so far.
Must rush, 1000 things to do. Mwhahh, mwhaahh......

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

whoooo hooooo

A doll promised in the post, a doll promised on my desk at college tomorrow, a pair of dolls (connected) in my college bag, and one more doll in my hand right now. You read that right. Yeah. Four more dolls in the space of 24 hours. Completely giddy with glee. Come On! *punching the air with delight*. I have a good feeling about these models. Keep them rolling ladies, keep them rolling in. And. Of course. THANK YOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU.

PS - Unbelievably, another doll promised for FRIDAY! (bursting with excitement!!)

Monday, 10 September 2012


If you have a complete, half complete, partially begun doll for me I NEED IT NOW!!! I have returned to University for my 2nd year of a Fine Art Practice BA Hons, and those dolls represent the core part of my second year work. All efforts gratefully and gladly received. Its not about the needlework, its about all the feelings pinned in the doll itself. One last big push ladies, one final effort and it will be out.......

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Stylish sunbathing by The Farmer and his faithful dogs...... soooo relaxing. The Baby boy took out a camera last night to capture an absolutely stunning sunset. A bobby-dazzler. Sometimes, we just need to stand and stare. And appreciate what we do have instead of pining for what we don't.
Big Boy still working down on t'farm at home, ploughing to begin shortly. Wheat and barley safe in the shed, and barley weights much better than the poor, shrivelled wheat. Looking forward to waving it away in the lorries so that we can put this miserably disappointing harvest behind us.
Skool starts tomorrow. Car packed and ready for journey. Unbelievably, found I had slack rear tyre tonight, so shall have to do something about that, possibly on the way to University at 8am tomorrow. Typical. Trouble free motoring for 3 months of study break, and now I need a garage. Aargh.
Yellow horse, girl dogs, boy dog all in fine fettle.
Its late. I'm weary. So, bonsoir mes amis.