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Thursday, 24 January 2013

What. A. Week.

Finished work on tiny house. Went back to college. Snow and ice. Got our lovely little cocker spaniel spayed. Bought a fresh car. Interviewed potential tenants. Excellent tutorial with the very lovely Madelaine Vernau. Cleaned existing car in the dark and in freezing temperatures.

Somehow, it feels like its been difficult to squeeze it all in, and its not even Friday!

Hoping to do a little less this weekend, and start next week at college bubbling with fresh ideas and clean studio walls. Thinking I may continue to work with a very feminine theme - lady-parts..... creates a bit of interest anyway!

Now little brown spaniel entering a very long and happy retirement from puppy production hoping that the black spaniel begins a long and happy period of conubial bliss with James the Poodle. Fingers crossed. James has enjoyed the benefits of a visiting lady-dog, and he served with honour and punctiliousness. Made me proud!

No sons at home (obviously). Baby studying hard and preparing a lengthy dissertation, Big Boy applying for his 'year out' position within his chosen industry of rural chartered surveying. Fingers crossed he finds something interesting and suitable. Crossed quite tightly actually. The Farmer has been very helpful with my property problems and has turned his hand to carpentry, slab laying, coat rack hanging and general odd-jobbing. A big pat on the back, I couldn't do it without him!

My baby sister threw a wonderful 50th birthday party which I enjoyed immensely, I wonder if she would be prepared to be 50 again next year so that I could enjoy it again? Nice to be at a family event and not be the host. Floating around like a butterfly chatter, chatter, chattering. Farmer thought I had got lost. Throat sore from talking. Wonderful!

Horse taking root in field as icy conditions preclude any exercise. The ice on his water trough has been so thick an axe was required some days in order to break through. We shall be ready for a thaw at this house.

And, I have put an electric blanket on the bed. Yes I have. Worse still, ITS LOVELY! Now I know I am old.

Creakingly - C x

Thursday, 3 January 2013

2013 arrives with a sneeze

So, an amazing start to the New Year with the mother of all colds. I am certainly making the most of it, and moaning and whinging like a man. 

Christmas Eve spent at friends, along with one very badly behaved guest, with whom I don't need to spend another evening. Life too short to waste on rude and aggressive individuals. Christmas Day did not bring me an iPad or a new car (why am I not surprised), though it did bring friends and family aplenty.  We had a small party on the 27th (ugly sweaters once again), and spent New Year's Eve with friends and family once more. Then, the cold struck. So, taking life easy today.

Last puppy still here, she goes on Sunday, and I can't wait. She is a biting, widdling monster, and causes a disproportionate amount of trouble for her size! She is immensely loveable, and its proving difficult not to become attached to her.

The big boy spent New Year in Edinburgh with friends, and has made his weary way home now for some rest and recuperation. Baby boy celebrated in Skegness with old friends and had a thoroughly lovely time catching up with University news of old class mates. Quite a few of them graduate in 2013 so thoughts are turning to careers, Masters, travelling etc. The joys of being young.

My own thoughts, when not occupied with nose blowing and throat clearing, are mostly filled with ideas for a body of work at Art Skool for the Spring term. I have been offered a commission for a piece of art for a sitting room, and I must go and visit to see what can be done. I have a feeling sitting room art is not going to be for me.....

my own ugly sweater, needing a replacement for 2013!
my sister, who was upset that we seem to have the same taste in ugly sweaters....

the baby boy, possibly slightly the worse for wear, Xmas evening, The Countryman Pub.

The Clements clan, late Xmas evening, arguing over cards, of course
New Years Eve, prior to donning sheets (togas) for a high old time in sunny Skegness