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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

50, 50, 50

50th birthday photos @ - absolutely hilarious!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

dog walking & warthogs

It was a beautiful morning today. A band of mist hung in the air giving the landscape a haunting, ethereal gauziness. The dogs, however, couldn't give a monkey's cuss. It was all I could do to capture these snaps with a moderately steady hand, whilst being pulled with the combined might of two cocker spaniels in the direction of the next interesting aroma.

Is the large yellowish creature a giant pig? A Hippo? A warthog? No. Its Skipper. Enjoying the balmy morning, and absolutely covered in mud from his daily bath. He seems to be as fat, and happy as he looks, and only being ridden once a week, or even once a fortnight doesn't seem to make any difference to him whatsoever. My hero.

Looking forward to the brief return of eldest son for college break. Is driving down (or up?) from Scotland 'sometime this weekend' - oooohhhhh, can hardly wait! The house is tidy, the bedrooms are tidy, the washing is done, the ironing all complete. The fridge has vacant shelves, the fruitbowl keeps its contents for more than 48 hours, and all the rooms are empty, empty, empty. I HATE it! Doubtless, like all empty-nesters, I will become accustomed, but for now the WELCOME mat will be firmly outside the door all weekend!

The America travellers have returned today. This means I can have my day off at the weekend, (oh, joy!) and look forward to spending most of November at home, napping, shopping, riding, dog walking and visiting. There's no sunshine holiday for us this year. The expense of two young men at University, and the prospect of a new shower room, means we are guarding our buttons a bit more carefully this winter.

Art night-class begins tonight, I feel like I can hardly pick up a pencil, never mind a case full of painting materials, but hopefully some enthusiasm will bubble forth after work.

Monday, 4 October 2010

university ho!

The luxury of University accommodation! Took my baby chick yesterday.... easier than I was expecting, and he pushed us out of his room door before I could get a snap! His room was like a comedy set from the 1960s. Cupboard door fell off into my hand, cracked tiles and peeling ceiling. Carpet embedded with black grime. He thought it was wonderful. The kitchen facility I did manage to snap (just) and as you can see it is less than impressive for between 8 and 12 students. Nevertheless, he has optimistically taken possession and is now, no doubt, completely exhausted from his own freshers first night.

The nest is now empty. Rattling around and tidying up. I have never, ever had such a tidy home. Quite a surreal feeling. Big boy coming home for half term in two weeks, which should be just in time to prevent the farmer and me descending into a complete pit of despair, or alternatively, civil war!!! I have a builder coming to overhaul shower room and exterior, a plumber for a price for a replumb and later a kitchen company. Poor old farmer.

The salt mines still lacking any other guiding hand but mine, whilst sis and her husband gadding around the Carolinas. I am very ready for a day or two off, and its been a long, hard and demanding slog for September. However, the end IS in sight, in more ways than one, and should be welcoming other Salt Mine detainees back into the compound this weekend coming. Salt Mine Housekeeping Supervisor finished today to enjoy a holiday prior to her statutory maternity leave so staff levels are at an all time low.

The wonderhorse looks more like a yellow hippo with each passing day, and our quick scurries around the block together, racing the sunset are not satisfying anyone - least of all him.

Central heaing ON, fat duvet for the bed ON, chimneys swept and logs in stock. Autumn racing in and I am ready!