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Monday, 23 April 2012

Time short, photos to show variety of life supported by this kitchen: Chicks, dogs & humans! Speak soon!

Monday, 9 April 2012

green fingers? I don't think so.

My amaryllis mothership bulb has flowered. She has children beyond numbering every year, which I sometimes split off and give away, and she and her children oblige with this beautiful exhibition every springtime. I have had the original bulb for 20 years. Instead of following the instructions provided with the bulb I left it in the compost after flowering, and kept up sporadic watering. The result is here to see. She's extraordinary. Her family probably runs into 100's. What a motherbulb!

And our only remaining cat. He's about...... 17. Spry and fit, still killing rabbits and eating heartily. Long may it continue.

A busy weekend at this house. The baby boy nipped home for two nights with his lovely lady Daisy, joining the big boy who is here for 4 weeks. Loads of visitors, and we all went out for the day to show Daisy Lincoln Cathedral and Castle. Us old people are cream-crackered. Next weekend brings us approximately 10 friends of the big boy for the weekend. Am wondering where they are all going to sleep.

Seem to have been unable to find time, so far, to get on with skool homework. Must try harder.

Chow for now. X

Monday, 2 April 2012

5 weeks old tomorrow

Just so you can say Aaaahhhhhhh. X