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Friday, 30 January 2009

wheelbarrows & watercolours

The pears are last night's night-class effort its funny how technique slips away when practice halted (as with all things). The blue wheelbarrow was my biggest and best Christmas present! It holds at least 2 normal barrows full, and because it has two front wheels, when necessary it can be pushed along with one hand - a real benefit when hands are full of forks and shovels. It is one of the best gifts I have ever received, and when the sea comes over I shall erect a sail and float over the ocean in it, or alternatively, I shall use it as a holiday home when my tourer springs a leak and becomes unuseable! Its probably big enough to accommodate an entire family in comfort, and I know you already want one. The other bits of art are from the youngest son's GCSE Art folder, finally located on school premises and returned home today. Luckily he's not doing an art A level - rubbish teaching at his school. Have had a luxurious day off today, just a glimpse of supermarket, clean of the car, lighting of the fire...the rest involves Zzzzzzzzzs

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Art Nightclass

As things return to normal and routines fall back into place am going to my night-class tomorrow, and hoping to produce something worthy of at least a photograph on the blog...

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

donkey derby

Skipper the wonder horse passed his final exams yesterday and now enters the official records as fully qualified donkey impersonator. Sets off out of drive at comfortable walk, enjoys a bit of a trot later (but only if you want to of course), then moves down to low box, tortoise speed to come home. Not much fazes him now, taking it all in his stride, happiest little yellow horse in Lincolnshire. Could be ridden by your Granny or even you....

Sunday, 25 January 2009

friends, and James May

Friends, next to family, best things in the world. Wouldn't life be bleak without friends? During horrible January I have been heartened by the kindness of friends. I love them all... On a lighter note I have finally got around to researching the marital status or otherwise of James May, that bloke off Top Gear. Turns out he has had the same girlfriend since 2000 (Sarah Frater London Evening Standard columnist) but he keeps it a bit quiet as its not quite appropriate with his blokeish single image. I'm full of useless information. Youngest played hockey again today, (2 games yesterday) drawing 3 all! Rugby team seems to have collapsed due to lack of 16 year old youths turning up on Sunday mornings at 10am. Can't think why they might have difficulty getting up for freezing cold physical stuff. My boy disappointed, but replaced with hockey so still getting his exercise. Big boy going to 18th parties every weekend at the moment, he drove last night so no alcohol. Hooray. Went to Durham yesterday (that was a long way) to take some opals for setting, quite excited about results. Will photograph them if as nice as promised.

Friday, 16 January 2009

fencing fun

Box and battery in place, horse released, he dashed over to his favourite corner and reached out with his nose, and just, just touched the wire with his whiskers. We watched him jump back and give the wire a hard stare. Once more just to be sure....yes, definately working, and guess what...yellow horse safe inside the field, ladies safe on other side of hedge - all's right with his world.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

hellloooooo, is anybody there?

The bad yellow horse broke out of his field today...for a long time we haven't bothered to switch on the electric fencing, particularly owing to an intermittent fault with the power box, and have become complacent. When I got home from the salt mines this afternoon I could see that the field was empty. I ran over and the electric fence wire had been broken down at one post, and excited hoof prints led away from his favourite spot across an unfenced neighbouring field. I followed the tracks with interest, and they led right into the far corner, where a gap in the hedge adjoining where the mares are looked like it had no fencing. In fact it had three strands of barbed wire, but in the shady twilight they were hard to see, and for a hormonal horse, impossible to spot. Luckily the wire is old, and weak, and he breasted through all three strands, with his rug taking the discomfort of the spikes. Unfortunately he somehow managed to pick up a piece of wire with his tail. As he galloped over to say hello to his girls, face to face at last, the wire dragged on the ground and became terribly tangled in his tail. Enter me. He circled and circled the mares, just as a stallion would, which was interesting, but the mares would not let him within about 4 meters of their group, and the lead mare kicked out at him to make him keep his distance. This was all very exciting for the stupid yellow horse. Tail up (despite wire) ears pricked, he strutted and pranced up and down the 20 acres. I kept calling, and walking and within 5 minutes the yellow one waited for me, and admitted that it was a fair cop. The tail had to be cut away to release the wire (oh dear) and apart from that damage to his beauty, and a very small scratch on one fetlock he has escaped injury, so is a very lucky horse indeed.

I have shut him away in his little barn, and he won't be let out until a new electric fencer and battery are purchased first thing tomorrow, so that the electric wire will give him a nice big shock next time he touches it. I know he has been very lucky to get off uninjured, and only the incredible placidity and sensibleness of the mares saved them from distress. I have been careless and have learned the lesson.

He had a good time though.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

happy new year?

Having been almost overwhelmed with challenging news during the past three or four weeks am trying for a bit of a return to 'normality'. My big boy will shortly reach his 18th birthday, and is hoping for a successful party to mark this special occasion. Youngest is currently in the middle of some AS level examinations, and studying hard at the kitchen table. Yellow horse has enjoyed a luxurious and restful christmas and new year period, owing to my lack of time. He doesn't seem to mind. Salt mine pepping up after christmas slow down, phone busy with holiday reservations, and units being cleaned from top to bottom ready for first guests. Tax due in next couple of weeks....always painful. Hoping you all had peaceful festive seasons, and that 2009 brings you all you wish for.