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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

ugly christmas sweaters

Here's my family Christmas Day, blessedly missing my own fashionable and highly desirable UGLY Christmas sweater. There were 20 of us for tea at my brother's house, and we all wore these magnificent, pre-owned and home-made garments. It was just hilarious. An arguementative and shouting time was had by all. We followed up with our own party on Sunday night, I don't believe there is a photographic record, for which I am grateful. We pushed out the final drunken relatives and guests at midnight, who had sunk to random salad item throwing, and loud, good humoured disputing.
We have had a full family Christmas week, and look forward to a slightly quieter New Year Celebration with a bottle of bubbly and the TV. Big boy working New Years Eve at pub, and youngest hitting town in team fancy dress. Only expecting about 6 teenage sleepers after hours. Buckets will be at the ready. Can't wait.
Happy, happy New Year.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

snow, snow and more snow

Can't resist posting these photos, us two glad ragged up for a dinner last week some trace of suntan still discernable, and also some fat bellies, and the first snow. Today the wicked small dogs ran away for an hour and I was ready to call the police. They came back, cheerful as you like, having been rabbiting in the snow to their hearts' content, covered in balls of ice from head to toe. More walking on the lead, I had begun to trust them to be off the lead across the farm, but any distraction and they are away like greyhounds into the wide blue yonder. The snow is half way up my wellies now, and difficult to get about, either on legs or in a vehicle. Ice below the snow making roads deadly. The outflow on the upstairs hand basin and bath now frozen solid, so full bath will remain in the tub until the sun melts the pipes tomorrow. Luckily downstairs shower-room, though cold as a freezer, has underground in and out for water, so maintaining functionality so far. Coal and log fires in both sitting rooms downstairs (damn the expense) just taking the chill off the living areas. Dear God its a cold house at the best of times, but we are wearing A LOT of clothes this week! I have taken to wearing not only a thick flanelette gent's night-shirt at bed time, but also socks and a zipped up quilted fleece. Despite looking like a monster I am warm and snug throughout the night, so worth the embarrassment! Boy do I look a fright every morning....

just want to also say THANK YOU to Janet for the marvellous e-card. Must be Spot in the cartoon?
And Mr B - WICKED photos, great blogging, awards? Let's have a look then