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Monday, 30 June 2008

more daubing from the gallery...

A few more bits of my work, one or two even under glass (which is the cause of the flashback). Someone was kind enough to ask to see more pieces...I can keep pulling bits of art out of the hat for a very long have been warned!
The horse asked very nicely if he could not wear the hat today - bad luck, I put it back on his head, he is very disappointed - he knows it makes him look stupid.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

skipper in fly defence mode

this is what every 'of the moment', fashionista equine is wearing this season: it looks great on humans too, if career choice is court jester!

Friday, 27 June 2008

whooppee - perfect pony steps out

Horse was not only sound in wind and limb today, he jumped really well around his tiny course, and then hacked out in high winds very calmly, even cantering across a huge open field, and dig world's best impression of a donkey. I am very proud!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

turkey chicks & teenage boys

Bit of a jumble, eggs to turkey & bantam chicks to turkey parents.

Youngest son mid-meal - fork skill training failure

Something interesting to show you: 15 year old eating style: look away now if you have delicate disposition:

and another:

This nightmare scene takes place AT LEAST once a day (we all eat together at this house) whilst maintaining full flow of conversation - usually with plentiful gesturing. I tried.

On a much more pleasant note turkey chicks are emerging from incubation and joining bantam chicks in the kitchen (courtesy of eldest son), and I am posting photos of process - bronze turkeys for Christmas now available (in dwarf form - some feeding and rearing necessary before dining can commence)

cheery goodmorning, one and all!

Eldest son helped me with horse last night, feet all picked out and checked carefully, trotted up lovely and sound! Eldest son thinks mother paranoid, and horse excellent actor. Hohum. Too windy to ride, so maybe check tonight if wind drops. Starting to think Lincolnshire coast permanently in wind tunnel. Went to ARchery Club, where I used to take youngest son, who has been too busy to go for the last year. However, missing the company so I went to see them all yesterday, and it was lovely. Feeling really cheerful, (miracles do happen, see) and attributing mood lift to good company and non-limping horse.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

disaster strikes

yellow horse lame in front. Enough said.

Monday, 23 June 2008

bird feeder customers

Yesterday the grey squirrel had to be physically pushed from the feeder, and today this strange birdie determinedly tried to emply the peanut tube. I think its a corn bunting, though they are supposed to avoid feeders, and they are rare, on the red list - exciting stuff

Sunday, 22 June 2008


If you correctly suspected I was completely without talent, I did these drawings, and they are now sticky taped to the walls of my office - as they are too bad for me to force on even the dearest friend. Any offers of a new home gratefully received, and commissions taken, but no promises made...

salubrious east coast holiday accommodation

In case you are interested, here's my own 'salt mine' - well, that's how it feels today. One guest had an attack of 'the runs' in the night, and was here with the evidence first thing this morning (laundry, replacement etc) and another wondered if I wanted to fix their door lock at 9pm last night, as it was 'a bit stiff'. I think not. Easy to tell its coming up to the busy time of year. All brains switched off, and tempers short (well mine is anyway). Pinning on another grin as I type, its not long until October.
Took oldest son to look around Leeds Uni on Friday, overcome with emotion that I have worked so hard to rear him for the last 18 years, and now, I am pushing him off to college and supposed to be happy about it. Always knew having kids meant they would leave home, never thought it would be so painful. He's not going until 2009 so determined to make most of his company in meantime - which will be difficult as he has now passed his driving test - another terrible blow for mother, but big step towards independence for son. And I'm supposed to smile through all this? It's a toughie.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Hugh leads Skipper astray

Just a bit of experimenting going on here for video length. Missed Skipper following across the field, so this is second and third best...

Saturday, 14 June 2008

more photos, chickens, goldfish, horrible dog et al

Skipper carrying some fat old biddy across the county (and hoping to leave her on the other side probably)
Skipper out hacking near home - if you ignore the fact that I am sitting crookedly I would be grateful, its just to show that he can travel the road fearlessly, alone, and with style (though not in this picture)

Skipper illegally using public footpath across field (don't tell the police or he will be arrested)

Skipper illegally crossing public footbridge (for walkers only) this boy only fit for the clink I think
Skipper relaxing in his pied-a-terre bachelor pad complete with all mod cons and fresh, natural decor, and his own walnut trees for shelter. Walnut thieving crows hiding in leaves.

Two new goldfish, in their biube, which is supposed to be self-cleaning, and is a triumph of advertising over reality. The third fish, a goggle eyed black moor, died within the week. He is sadly missed. With his rubbish eyesight, and incredibly slow swimming speed he never stood a chance. It wasn't until it was too late that I discovered that fancy fish can't compete with standard goldfish. His death lies heavy on my conscience.

The appalling state of the back garden, owing to son's committment to poultry breeding and sale of 'farm fresh' eggs - sometimes so fresh they are still warm, and caught like a cricket ball as they emerge from the chicken ...

Results of poultry breeding, and artificial incubation, living in porch of farmhouse until older

Revolting terrier, who never comes when called and pretends she's never seen this family before when we turn up to collect her from wherever she has decided to visit (otherwise called running away). She is slightly smelly, quite awesomely scruffy, and a complete embarrassment as a canine companion. She's a Patterdale (don't ever buy one, not even in a moment of weakness)

STOP PRESS: the ducklings were returned, with some success, to their mother, who quacked her way back to the garden 12 hours later to reclaim them. The ducklings heard her from the kitchen. Isn't mother nature clever?

And finally today, if it uploads, Skipper's first jumping lesson, after about 7 days of trotting poles only. Bringing a new meaning to 'style and confidence over the fences', and that's just me. I'm wondering if Zara Phillips needs to borrow the horse now her own Olympic hope has an injury, obviously my horse is at least as talented as her Toytown - just lacking opportunities.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

OMG! Son brings in pile of ducklings!

Tonight a lady duck brought her brood to sleep in the chicken shed. In the following furore, the lady duck flew off in distress, leaving a pile of tiny ducklings. They are now living in a cardboard box in the kitchen. Oh dear. Duckling progress reports will follow. Here they are:

more photos, as if you weren't bored already!

Skipper with a neighbour's 10 year old riding him, not long after he had arrived, wearing his winter coat, looking thin, and working in the mullen snaffle. Things can only get better...
Here's the yellow boy, just after he came to live with us, settled down nicely in his barn

Skipper and me having a lesson with Jess Glasow (I know I'm rubbish, but the horse is trying hard)

Skipper at the first show (Sheepgate) carrying neighbour's daughter in family horse class. The Judge said he's a lovely horse, but not one everyone could ride - this young lady had sat on him for 20 minutes the previous weekend, and managed to perform flying changes! - what does a Judge know? He has progressed to a mullen mouthed snaffle.

Skipper in Huntin' Country!

Well, fancy, I have managed to upload a video of Skipper having an afternoon out with friends over Southwold Hunt country. I nearly laid an egg on the ride! We had to traverse this river, climb and descend several steep banks, jump a rivulet, cross 5 footbridges - all in a day's work for my friend and her 9 year old daughter...(I'm hoping they are taking Skipper to Pony Club camp in the summer - it will do him good - kill or cure)

Here he is then. The yellow boy at his second show, late May 2008. The wind was blowing a gale, and we didn't do any ridden classes, he was all over the place in the bad weather. He did, however, win Western horse in hand, and, of course, Handsomest Gelding! His first show was in March, when he was ridden by a neighbour's daughter, and he tried so hard. He had a fourth in family horse or pony, and a fourth 'in hand coloured horse'. It was the first time we had taken him 'out' so we thought he did a fine job.
He is having a break from his english dressage lessons this month (with Jess Glasow), he could only be ridden western when I bought him, and I am trying to teach him to showjump! Hahaha. He has been a veritable baby over this process. It took ages to get him to trot over ground poles, he was more likely to walk over and tread on them, probably as a result of his western training. He is now jumping up to 1ft fairly confidently (WOW), if he is allowed to have a good look at it first, and maybe even walk over it. Just taking it really steadily, a tiny bit every day. In 4 weeks he has come on beautifully, and I am hopeful that we will be fit to have a jumping lesson some time soon(er or later!).
His excellent braking and light mouth make the change to jumping easier, because he doesn't rush, or pull, and if we can build his confidence I think he shows promise for the future.