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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

today's silk screen prints

Absolutely delighted with this new technique, which I learned at Skool today. My photos, increased in size to A3, photocopied onto clear film, transferred directly into a silk screen using a light sensitive wash, and THEN screen printed onto beautiful, stiff, creamy paper. Luvverly. Coming to a shop near you soon!

Monday, 19 March 2012

warning = explicit photography of naked young man

I said to the poodle parlour lady "you know when you take your little boy to get his hair cut when he starts school?" "Oh, yes" she said. "Well, I want the dog to be as short as that". She laughed. "You mean, really close so that people feel sorry for him?" "Yes" says I. "That close". She did exactly as I asked. Poor little bugger. Now I feel really sorry for him. Still, as I said to her when I picked him up, it will grow! He looks exactly like a whippet now, and feels like velvet. Gorgeous. She also said he is now overweight. We have fattened him up like a turkey for Xmas. So, bad news all round for James, he will be on short rations for a bit until his well covered ribs are slimmed down. Perhaps he could do the same for me?

I have managed to locate some clothing for my outing to London. Loose, comfortable, and bearing an astonishing resemblance to a tent. Sad but true. Au revoir for now X

Sunday, 18 March 2012

pup news

All pups now secured with a deposit, so confident they are all going to wonderful family homes with experienced dog owning people. Furthest probably Manchester, and Cambridge. The babes have been much photographed by their new owners this weekend, and there has been an endless round of cuddling and stroking. Tomorrow its back to normal, so visitors needed to keep up the cuddle training!

Yellow horse, woolly whippet and cocker spaniels all good, farmer busy cutting lawns (hooray) and all's well in my little corner of Lincolnshire. Hoping to put my feet up tonight for a quiet Mother's Day evening.

Tommorow I shall be attempting to buy a new outfit in which I will be gracing The Ivy restaurant for lunch, followed by a Gallery viewing in London in a couple of week's time. The clothes shopping may not go well. I tried to find an outfit in Grimsby on Friday. However, most clothing seemed to be made for 18 year old skinnies. I found myself clutching a pair of polka dot drainpipe jeans, looking for a changing room! Luckily I realised in time that they were utterly inappropriate for my advanced years, multiple wobbly bits and grey highlights! Likewise the peach coloured trousers with several zips on the legs. I wanted them really badly, but the assistant was kind enough to discourage me. And rightly so. Therefore, shall be seeking some kind of beige sack thingy more suited to my mature age and figure! Ha. Wait and see.

Looking forward to Easter hols from skool as have lots to do, lots to do, during the break.

Chow for now X

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

closet Printer?

Turns out when college unlocked the door, a printer was inside the closet. And now she's out.

peahen lonely heart

The little peahen seems to have realised she's not a chicken! She was strutting around the garden this morning, and caught a glimpse of her reflection in a glass door. She backed up for a closer look. She peered with great interest at her image, and then did a little dance. She fanned her slightly meagre tail and swung too and fro in front of the pane of glass, turning, and turning, watching her reflection all the time. Eventually, when her doppleganger didn't answer her chat she gave up and hopped off. But it's a sign. So here's a lonely heart plea for a small and isolated peahen!

The pups opened their eyes today. Growing at a phenomenal rate. From 300gms to 12oo gms in 2 weeks. Phew.

Chow for now. Cx

Thursday, 8 March 2012

owls to the left, owls to the right...

Owl in photo is recovering from being attacked and brought down by a small hawk (maybe a sparrowhawk or kestrel). I saw the hawk with the barn owl trapped like a baby rabbit in its claws on the grass verge. And then this morning, at 7am, as I walked the hounds of hell in the meadow, TWO barn owls were flying in very close formation above my head screaming at each other. Do they fight? Are they territorial? They both appeared to be males (very pale) though I couldn't be sure. They finally whirled away from me, still screeching and squawking at each other in a very alarming manner.

Girl puppy at 7 days old. All pups are now reserved, subject to inspection and payment of deposits. Hard to believe that they should be spoken for before they are 2 weeks old. One lady has waited an entire year to see hers, as she wanted one from the previous litter, but was too late. Feel very fortunate that they will all go to excellent homes across the country (from Surrey to Manchester) and I shall have peace restored down on t' farm.

Final picture is of a piece from this week made for skool. And I quite like it. So there's a surprise! It remains to be seen how it will be judged.

Off to watch my young friend risking life and limb out hunting again this Saturday, and welcome some prospective pup owners to view their new family member. Next week will include LIGHTWORKS in Grimsby. You will have to Google it. I hope to have a film or two exhibited!

The Farmer still playing with his new Big Boy Toy (teleporter) and seems to be extremely busy with contracting tasks for it. Yay. Keeping him out of the house, and out of mischief.

Which reminds me. The woolly whippet has been a bit mischievious since his first paying girlfriend came to see him. He waits at the door of the shed where he did the deed EVERY morning in case she is still in there, waiting for his attentions. And when he's not waiting at that door, he's running away through the farm gate and across the road to a property opposite, where there is another likely female prospect living peacefully (and probably in season). He is obsessed with her at the moment. Hoping another female turns up soon to take his mind off the last one, and the one he can't have opposite. I have a suspicion he's not going to think about much else whilst he is young enough and fit enough to care. Boys. All the same under the fur, or skin! Its back on the lead for him at the moment, until he learns to think about something else, at least some of the time. Could be a long wait!

Adieu for now X

Saturday, 3 March 2012

whale grave

A whale was washed up on the beach causing a stir this weekend. Sadly, when we went to see the body it had already been buried. Us yokels are easily entertained! On the way almost ran over this very handsome toad. With a little more courage I would have kissed him to see if he transformed into a handsome Prince. Perhaps someone else will do it, turned out he wasn't my type. A bit warty. In a good way!

The woolly whippet has been a bit rascally today. Twice running out of the drive entrance, across the road, over the footbridge, and standing in front of the house of some new neighbours. They have just moved in. From France. Haven't even spoken to them yet, in French or English, and my dog is worshipping their property for some reason. Have a feeling their cottage is filled with lovely little french dogs just waiting for a bit of woolly whippet charm. The little man comes right back when called, but will be squashed in the road if he carries on running across it. Will have to introduce myself to the Frenchies to cover for the poor behaviour of the tiny english trouble-causer.

I have my big boy home for a surprise weekend. Yay!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Dog news

The new mum is improving after her emergency caesarian, and eating with a little more enthusiasm. What a relief. The 6 bundles of joy lined up at the milk bar are already growing apace. Here's a photo of one of the two boys, yesterday afternoon.

James the woolly whippet has a smug look on his face because his first paying girlfriend has just been back for a second experience of his charisma and romance. Once again Mr James performed with aplomb, and we hope there is a successful outcome for Cindie and her owners.

Have been to skool today, despite still harbouring some awful virus that has now robbed me of my voice. It would appear that The Farmer does not mind that I cannot make myself heard. And there was a comment or two at skool that we should have a quieter day. I do not understand the implication of these remarks..... IF my throat has not improved by Monday I shall visit the bloodsucker, I mean doctor, so that it can be confirmed that I have a virus, and no medication, especially antibiotics, will help. I know this. Just like to hear the medical profession stick to the party line! Not much else to report from down on the farm. Wheat growing beautifully (until the snow next week), horse just dandy. Oh, the Farmer has spent a sack of buttons and exchanged his teleporter for a newer model. Is he excited or what!? It loaded straw for export today very successfully (its first test of efficiency). Long may it continue.

Hoping for a very quiet weekend (particularly considering lack of voice) and time to recover from the very stressful week of puppy deliveries and sleepless nights.

Chow! X