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Monday, 31 May 2010

This beautiful little nest seems to have blown out of the hedge at the salt mines during the night. It weighs nothing, and is carefully crafted chiefly from feathers and human hair. Perhaps it belonged to a wren. It is absolutely tiny. All feeling quite sad that some poor little bird has lost the results of all that work, and will either have to begin again, or give up. Porr little blighter.

Monday, 24 May 2010

farmer stuff

Is this the face of a soon-to-be Mum? Wish we knew! She seems a bit crabby and not quite her usual cheerful self, but might be post season blues.

And this IS the face of an EGG THIEF! She was caught in the act this evening, and a whole egg was retrieved from between her little teeth before she had time to hide the evidence in her belly. She stole it right out of the hen house. Very, very naughty indeed.

Here's the wonderhorse flashing his tattoo this evening. He's put on stacks of weight, though the flies have bitten him mercilessly over the weekend, making him itchy and uncomfortable. Am going to buy some cattle fly deterent tomorrow - unlicenced for equines, but very effective.

The view from bedroom window on Sunday morning. Woken by deafening birdsong and sheep chatter, visiting friends who live on the Derbyshire side of Sheffield. What a beautiful part of the world.

Went to Sheffield to share a meal with friends. Here we are prior to the gluttony.

And here's our hostess, trying to take a coherent order from all 9 of us before wine consumption makes decision making too, too tricky.
The farmer went out last week and spent lots of buttons on a new tractor. (Not new exactly , but new to him, pre-owned would be more accurate). I came home today to find that it is in two halves..... Some critical plate needs replacing in the most inaccessible location, and engineers have delicately seperated the front from the back. Scary stuff. More buttons required.
Its been a very busy few days. Hoping for a quieter week. Youngest has left school, and begun A level exams, and eldest has been offered yet another job, this time as a furniture moving man. Evey time he comes into contact with a business he is offered a job. He thinks jobs grow on trees. As soon as A levels are over hoping he can spread his job offers around and find gainful summer employment for his brother. Ha.

Friday, 21 May 2010

saltmine sinners

Don't leave your holiday accommodation like this. It really pisses off the cleaners. And the Park owner. Enough said.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

shed party!

Some friends have young twin sons, who had a 5th birthday earlier this week. Our gift was this wonderful hand pull cart, which has the optional addition of a fabric bowtop (like on an old cowboy and indian film from the 60's). My nephew (in his 20's) was sure that the cart needed a few test runs before being given away into the hands of 5 year old boys. Therefore he squashed his nearly 6ft frame into the cart for a run around the sitting room. Hey presto - it worked! Cart guaranteed to comfortably carry up to 100kilos. When ithe cart finally made it to the birthday boys they seemed very impressed, and spent the evening forcing all adults to pull them round and round the farm. Thinking of an adaptation whereby they can be towed by a ride-on lawn mower instead!
My sister held her own shed party on Sunday evening. Temperatures plummeted by 8pm to a chilly 8 degrees, but we stuck it out, with the aid of a gas heater and a wood gobbling chimenea. Much fizzy pop was drunk by all, and we wended out way home at 10pm, cold but cheery.
Very quiet at the salt mines, hoping things pick up at Spring Bank Holiday. We head on out for heady metropolis of Sheffield for dinner on Saturday evening, and Stamford the following week to see a comedy show featuring niece's partner. Its all go.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Post ball blues!

Well trained dogs walking to heel during a training session....

Three men and a wife/mother. Sadly the load was a little heavier than anticipated...

Boys taking over control of guests' rather swanky BMW

Old people who should really know better, experiencing the results of too much wine, live music which seemed quite loud, trying to work off a large and rather tasty meal from their waistlines

Another busy couple of days down on the farm.

Friday, 7 May 2010

problems, problems!

Haven't been able to post owing to extreme demands on time made by two small dogs we are trying to get in pup! Have been back and forth to Norfolk three times with brown girl - who has now been mated twice to 'Buzz' - a liver coloured cocker who is a FIELD TRIAL CHAMPION! Hoping this will bring trainable and saleable working cocker pups in two months time. Other girl dog (the black one) has been less of a success. She has visited a dog every day for 8 days now, and has turned her nose up at the prospect of a roll in the hay every time. I chose a poodle for her (miniature) - because the first cross cockerpoos/cockerdoodles are worth more even than the pure bred and registered working cockers. However, she hasn't fancied the tiny woolly poodle at all (not even with her beer goggles on). One more try on Saturday afternoon, and then we shall give up for this season, and try in the Autumn. Its possible she hasn't ovulated, or may simply not be 'that kind of girl...' Time will tell. Poor Skipper has also suffered from neglect during this time of concentrated dog activity, though he did manage to get out on a hack just before darkness fell last night. It was akin to trying to sit on a firework. He is full to bursting of spring grass, has been idle for two weeks (more or less) and moved along the road like a coiled spring on acid! Hoping to tame the wild beast with a bit more work next week! Keeping me on my toes anyway. No photos, forgot to take any of the sperm donor dogs its all been so exciting. Am currently trying to secure an appointment with a Doctor at our local 10 partner surgery. Under the new system you phone in, the Receptionist takes your details (and particulars of your complaint/illness if you want to talk to her about it). Then she passes the message to a Doctor, who condescends to telephone you back within 2 hours. The Doctor then talks to you about your complaint/illness over the telephone - and if you are considered worthy you are offered the opportunity to come in and see a Doctor, at a time to suit them presumably, and discuss things a bit further! So no deciding for yourself whether you need medical help then. And in exchange for this incredibly crappy service we give these monkeys overy £200000 every year from the public purse EACH!!!!! Am presently waiting for my own call-back from a Doctor, which I shall have to take in Reception at work - so that everyone can hear that I have sun damage on the back of my hands!! Thank the deities its nothing more embarrassing or serious.