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Sunday, 25 August 2013

caught napping

After an enormous mid-day Sunday repast, with the old peeps, both sons and the lodger, the Farmer retired to the sitting room to watch the Grand Prix. The lodger thought he might like to watch too. Ten minutes later the Baby boy went to offer them a cup of tea. This is what he found. The washing-up dodgers had both decided to succumb to the napping fairy. The lodger even managed to sleep whilst clasping his own mug of tea. Miraculous. Caught in the act, they claimed to be resting their eyes. The farmer did seem to know who won the grand prix when interviewed later, I suspect he managed to catch the highlights. The Big Boy has gone to the pub with the lovely young lady who helped him with his Chinese language and translations, and the baby boy is resting after some farm work (which has covered him in dust and mud). The lodger managed to lose his spectacles last night (possibly due to some 'close-contact' with a member of the opposite sex). He didn't go to specsavers.....

Took the yellow horse out this arvo., and also let the poodle accompany. He has his own high-viz jacket, which he wore with pride. He rode the horse with me on the way home. His legs were tired.

Toodle-Oooo for now chickadees. X

Saturday, 24 August 2013

road kill pie

The Big Boy came home from A-de-la-Z this morning. On his journey he happened upon a fresh killed baby deer. Obviously, being him, he stopped his tiny car and flung the carcass into his boot. There was a happy arrival at home, with much welcoming and embracing. He opened the back of his car. The dead deer face peered up at the throng. Without stopping to draw breath the boy had the body strung up, skinned, gutted and on the kitchen table for butchering. Its been quite a trying afternoon. However, the dogs have a pan full of 'stuff' and the haunches and fillets are in the freezer. I learned much and could claim that the entire process was a bonding experience with my son.....

Living in interesting times. X

Thursday, 22 August 2013

pony perturbation

We went back to look at handsome Ron, and the decision has been made that he's a bit 'green' even though he's grey & black. If he doesn't sell, we might go back again. We drove onwards to Leicester to see a guaranteed, cast iron promise of a quiet and slightly older version. When he was led out of the stable he turned out to have 4 legs that were not straight, and 4 feet which added interesting twists at the ends of each leg. He was already (probably) worn out when we arrived, and nearly fell over (literally) when I picked up a foreleg. We watched him work for approximately 60 seconds, the poor lad crossed his front feet with every step. My companion then excused us, and a very tense walk to the car and reverse up the drive saw us make our get-away. Nearly 200 mile round trip to look at a poor thing. What a bunch of time-wasters!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Skegness' Own Big Fat Gypsy Gathering

The seafront car park last weekend. The farmer wouldn't let me get any closer. The tax-dodging, litter strewing, 'brand new transit' driving hordes occupied the entire car park in Skegness, and also in Ingoldmells. I hope they have taken themselves off by now. Have not been to look, its soooo disheartening. My mother in law wondered if they would be paying for their parking!!! Hohoho.

Spent 20 hard earned pounds on this last week:
When I first put it on, it fitted the yellow horse. After three days the rope had given/stretched so that it now hangs down his nose, and gapes at the back in a dangerous and irritating way for the yella fella. I CANNOT find my purchase details (careless) and so have given the now giant headcollar to a friend who keeps shire horses. The moral of this story is: don't be impressed by good looks and pretty colours, leather takes some beating! The yellow horse also has two scrapes behind his chin, a big graze on his shin, and a slow-healing nick on a hind heel. I blame all these bloomin' flies, making him kick, bite and rub to drive them off his skin. So, he is now liberally dotted with purple spray, fly spray, wound cream and blue bandage. Looks like a clown.

Went with a friend to look at this pretty boy yesterday. His name is Ronaldo, and he is full of Irish charm, he was born and bred in Connemara. If the farmer would not have murdered me I would have bought him for myself, (move over yellow horse, this ghostly grey is just as gorgeous). Thankfully I managed to keep quiet and leave my wallet in my pocket. Not so sure about the friend, who was seduced by a large and kind pair of eyes and a laid back attitude. So, boys, take note. Grey hair is very distinguished and a kiss of the blarney stone never did anyone much harm.....

Think we might be going for a second look at the lovely Ron later in the week. Otherwise, no dates in my diary and so anticipating a quiet and peaceful week of cleaning and polishing..... (unlikely).

The farm-yard is full to bursting of Anglian Water equipment. Tractors, containers, some sort of pipe-lining machine, 24hour guards and other sundries. Apparently they are re-lining a local water main. The cost of all this stuff must be absolutely immense. Assuming this is why our water supply is so expensive. The gate alarm is ringing 50 times a day and it feels like Clapham Junction outside. When harvesting begins I probably won't be able to hear myself think! Looking forward to the peace and quiet of college in a couple of weeks!

Adios for now amigos. X

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

a whiff of art in the air

In keeping with my 3rd year Fine Art subject matter (for studio practice and Dissertation purposes) - 'the silencing and objectification of the vagina in a post modernist, porn-obsessed culture' I made this lovely little 3D vulva sculpture, which will enhance the front cover of my sketch book for the next year. I have to say, that as a first attempt, I'm rather pleased with it. A neighbour visited yesterday, and I discussed with her the possibility of knitting a vulva.... not much chance of finding a pattern for that, so assuming we shall have to 'knit freehand!!'

Having purchased and activated my new iPad (and fallen in love with it too), I bought this natty little keyboard to work with the iPad, and make my typing skills usable, even with a touchscreen. The iPad sits in the slot, and my fingers do their walking over the keys at high speed, a more efficient way for me to move text into the iPad than tapping the screen. The iPad fits with the tiny keyboard to make a hard case, which keeps the screen safe for travelling. All in all, pretty delighted with it. iPad World somewhat different from Windows world, and I am adjusting, slowly but surely. Probably got an app for that.....

And this book arrived yesterday. Much excitement when I opened the box from Amazon. My poor son and his guests raised their eyes to heaven and shrugged their shoulders, french style, at the madness of the mother. What an embarrassment I am proving to be! The reference book, however, appears to be full of absolute gold-dust for research, and I am delighted to have found it and secured a copy.  Three cheers for Amazon book-store (and the iPad app.....)

The farm is currently playing host to the lovely D's brother, who is an infant soldier. On a training course in deepest Lincolnshire his wisdom teeth have decided to make their presence felt, his face has swelled up like a melon, and he is experiencing a great deal of pain. We have, therefore, whisked him away from training camp to rest and be medicated, and to see whether he is going to mend without further dental treatment. UPDATE: looking unlikely that he is going to recover quickly, poor lad is in a real pickle with pain and swelling 4 days after starting the antibiotics, so he must make his way to the South Coast, and home, to be seen and referred by his local dental and health service. What a horrible experience Lincolnshire has turned out to be for him.
Our other lodger is labouring away at Butlins on split shifts looking after dining guests, and learning much about the eating habits of the general public. Its not pretty. Someone did an anonymous widdle on the restaurant floor today. The old and the young on holiday. They need careful watching!
The lovely D is working on her Masters dissertation, as the clock ticks for her return to hospital working within the next two weeks. She seems to have much to do, and not enough time to do it all in. It seems that training to be a Doctor is one long, long, long, hard slog, with not much time off for good behaviour, nor financial support to ease the long years of study. She must want it very much, and I applaud her dedication.
The baby boy continue to learn from the rural chartered surveying practice which has taken him under its wing. He has about another two weeks working and learning and he is then set free! September should see him undergoing laser eye surgery, cycling from the top to the bottom of the UK, and then preparing for the Royal Agricultural university.
The big boy spent 3 1/2 hours flying around in a helicopter last week, allegedly surveying an oil pipeline, though it seems to me he was also thoroughly enjoying himself. Helicopter surveying seems to be 'the way its done' so he can look forward to enjoying quite a bit more flying time during his year's work experience with FisherGerman. We were delighted to welcome the boy home last weekend, and it was really lovely to see him. I have no idea when he might have time to visit again. Sad but true.
I keep having a small panic at the speed with which my own break from University is disappearing. I start back at the beginning of September, and then its a relentless progression to my Degree show and graduation. I worry whether I will be able to create enough original and skilful work, and also write the 12000 words I need for the dreaded dissertation. Every time I think about it my knees knock and my heart speeds up. Going to have to calm down slightly or I shall have some sort of heart attack!
Quiet week this week as care of visitors has taken priority over everything else.
Enjoy your week. X