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Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas cleaning...

Today, feeling like a cleaning demon. In the kitchen is a giant and ancient pine cupboard (or press) which contains everything you would find in a pantry, and other stuff too. My usual method for inserting more 'stuff' into this cupboard is to stretch out my arms and shove everything backwards a bit, and place the new 'stuff' at the front. Consequently, and approximately annually, I have to remove absolutely everything and root out the nightmare contents from the back..... Its scary. So, today was the day! Among the many frightening contents I had 4 open bags of sugar, two open bottles of golden syrup, an empty brown sauce, several jars of jam with furry coats, and last years almost empty jar of mincemeat which had formed its own civilisation and government. All now arranged into military order, date order, type order and any other order I could think of. All scary stuff consigned to chicken gullets and turkey fattening purposes.
On a roll, also cleaned the deep fat fryer, fridge, cookery bowl cupboard and removed the more intrusive cobwebs from the kitchen ceiling. Come visit now. Quickly. Before the chaos reasserts itself......
College stuff being marked as I type. Have floated through anxiety into a kind of peace out the other side. Flying above the worry now. If I don't pass I'm not re-sitting. I shall spend my time cleaning...
Excited about my boys coming home, and a few days with the lovely Daisy. Also have a Christmas house guest who is working locally over the festive period. He is most welcome. Pups growing, now nearly 5 weeks old. Still gorgeous.
Have dusted off my Ugly Christmas Sweater for another year - can hardly wait to appear in full sartorial splendour.
If we don't see you over Christmas and the New Year we wish you, one and all, a peaceful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.
13th December 2012 - 7am. Over the fields
Same morning. Home

Sunday, 9 December 2012

birdwatchers paradise?

Twitcher alert: look at our birdfeeder! Assuming they are residents of the Parrot Sanctuary about 4 miles from here. Alternatively, I could have been transported to some equatorial paradise whilst I was asleep. Unlikely.

Less successfully, trying the self timer again, prior to last night's dinner dance. Showing a bit of leg there old girl! Also, I was wearing a pair of 6 inch platform shoes in nude patent. Eat your heart out Kate Middleton!! Never too old. Well, almost never...
Last week at skool before Christmas break, which will bring a welcome respite from the travelling. However, expecting to see an awful lot of Louth as I try to manage the renovation of a small victorian cottage. Exciting times.
The puppies are 4 weeks old, cute as buttons and walking quite well now. Have cleaned out dog shed so that they can go outside during the day for short breaks. They need more space to run and fight and its too cold in the garden for smalls. Also, within the next week, I shall need a break from them too!
Dinner dance next Saturday too, then a dinner party, a London gallery trip and a house party prior to Christmas. Our own Ugly Sweater party will take place after Christmas. Dusting off the trusty old woollies in preparation. Hoping both sons will be present to see old friends.
The Farmer has pulled his back/spine, and is hobbling around stooped over like an old person. He's not very impressed. Hoping that a bit of R&R will see him right before Christmas is upon us. Otherwise, I shall be treating him to a Physio visit as a christmas gift. Blaming the cold and trying to do things that were easy when he was 20, but less so at 50!
Turkeys looking large and well-fed in the shed. Feeling pretty guilty about their impending fate.... will let you know how it progresses. First task for big boy when he returns from University will be to despatch one with kindness, bleed it,  pluck it, and hang it outside at 4-6 degrees until Christmas Eve. I shall do the rest...... (those white, frozen lumps in the Supermarket freezer suddenly looking a bit more appetizing!!)
Mucho, mucho XXX

Monday, 3 December 2012

halfway up the stairs....

Almost half-way through my degree. If I pass at Christmas! Have gathered together all this term's work, and am almost ready to present it for marking. Have handed in my written work, and begun researching a new body of work for January 2013. It's going to be an uncomfortable subject for some people. Those of a sensitive disposition look away now. Female genital mutilation. I'm going to make some art around this very difficult and emotive practice. No-one promised that my art would be either beautiful, or tame, so brace yourselves for a difficult set of images in the spring. Historically, artists have used their skill to shine a light on a multitude of issues - social, political, religious etc. So, if I can achieve it, I'm joining the Activism bandwagon. And if it makes just one viewer think about FGM, maybe it will be worthwhile. *sigh*. Just removing myself from my soapbox now.

Other news! Pups growing, new owners being regularly updated. Christmas shopping just about done, some baking required. Tree up on account of busy calendar. Cards written...... some addressing and posting may need to be achieved.......

I thought I had a stack of photos on this machine, with which to beautify this blog. Sadly, I can't seem to find them. Therefore....

That's all folks! X