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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Weirding me out

She's bald, over 7ft tall, and she is the first part of my new art project. I am duplicating some of the small dolls my friends were kind enough to make. However, mine are not small dolls they are giants. towering over most humans, intimidating and unexpected. I hope that they will create a feeling of unease and discomfort. I'll do my best! This one looks peaceful perched on the little sofa, she will look less comfy when she is tightly bound, and hung by the neck. Yikes. Who knows what direction this body of work will take, or if I will ever be able to settle for peaceful, beautiful painting again! Sooooo exciting. XXX

Thursday, 25 October 2012

a year older, probably not any wiser

It was our wedding anniversary this week, followed two days later by my birthday. So, its been quite a week for celebrations. The Farmer bought me tickets to see Rhod Gilbert for my birthday, and then manfully accompanied me on the outing. Hilarious. Great show. I seem to have received enough gifts of gin to last me approximately a year and enough flowers to fill a florist's outlet. Also, scarf, jewellery roll, biscuits, money..... goodness its been fun!

Pulled this mesh sculpture together at college today. Am hoping to fill it with more small mannekin figures. Its all going a bit critical with the tiny figures. They are everywhere, including my dreams. Wierd, quite, quite wierd.

Our bloomin' dishwasher is on the blink once again, so its fate is sealed - off to the scrap pile, and the search is on for a new one. The Farmer does not much like washing up!

Dreading the firework season, which is almost upon us. The yellow horse hates them. The dogs hate them, and, come to think about it, I am not that keen either. A neighbouring property is holding quite a large event, so I just hope the horse survives the trauma in one piece. Cross your fingers.

Farmer has just popped the cork on a bottle of champagne, so must run (and grab a glass....)X

Sunday, 21 October 2012

dragonfly suicide

My friend recently speculated about the fate of dragonflies when they die. When she opened her back door into the farmyard the following morning look what was on her doorstep! Obviously, the god of dragonflies heard her thoughts, and voila! It is a perfect specimen. She's trying to think of a method of preservation. I suspect the wings will fall off.
Whilst waiting for the Farmer to complete his ablutions I learned a little about the camera's self timer. It turns out that 10 seconds is not quite enough time to set the camera, gallop round our kitchen table, straighten hair and clothing and then pose. Fun though!
We went to Sheffield for a meal last night, and then drove home at midnight with a monster cockerel in the dog cage in the back of the car. Its a long story, however, we are hoping that Rodney (Rodders to his friends) will have a long and happy life here with our ladies. At 5pm the 100 mile outward journey quite fun, radio interesting, passing landscape beautiful. At 1am on the homeward leg, radio reduced to the quite hypnotic shipping forecast, and passing points of interest veiled in velvet night. Therefore much struggling to keep eyes open, stopping of car, stretching, complaining and shuffling in seats. Unsurprisingly both the Farmer and I a teensy bit weary this morning. Nevertheless, a lovely night, eyewateringly funny, and company of dear friends most appreciated.
Old people food preparation now underway, and dogs waiting patiently for compensatory long walk in exchange for being ousted to shed last night whilst we were away. So, I'm orf to don walking boots and exercise the weariness away [unlikely, but worth a try?].

Thursday, 18 October 2012

silver mannequins
if you click this link, you might reach a tiny film from Uni. Maybe. X

Competition winner....

Ye gods, just deleted a post I have been scrivening over for 30 minutes. Sigh. Well, here's the plaque for my competition win, which arrived today, closely wrapped with £100 prize money. Whooperty whoop.
Great day at University owing to input from Design Lecturer, who was passing and decided to sit down and talk to me about the contents of my studio. Exciting times.
Much love. X

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

snakes alive!

Just walked the dogs this afternoon, in a gap between rain squalls and gusting wind. As we made our usual flourishing turn into one of the Farmer's meadows I thought I could see over 3ft of black plastic pipe laying in the grass of the gateway. I bent down to pick it up (and carry it back to the farm for disposal). The black plastic pipe looked up at me and flicked a forked tongue in response! Relaxed and happy, the rather well fed snake endured my close inspection of its head and torso, only objecting to dogs in close proximity. When Fudge actually stumbled over the thing, in all ignorance, the snake coiled like a spring, to strike, and I stepped away hurriedly. We did not return by the same route, allowing Mr/Mrs Snake time and space to make a leisurely getaway. What a treat! I assume it was a grass snake, limbering up for some kind of winter hibernation? What I know about snakes could be written on a postage stamp with space to spare!
One further image:
Who wants to use a print room with these facilities? Me neither. However, a quick word with the technician and she arrived, like Cinderella, and spent the afternoon making all clean and beautiful again. She really should go to the ball.

There was a large hawkish bird on the barn roof this afternoon, which rose from its perch with a wailing cry. I know as much about birds of prey as I do about snakes. However, I enjoyed a frisson of excitement as I watched it wheel away. I didn't even try for an image, or the moment would have been lost. I committed it to memory instead.

A snakey tarrah for now chucks! X

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

long time, long time

long time, long time

Where, or where do the days fly to? Possibly south to the sunshine of warmer climes. They are certainly not hanging around for me to luxuriate in them. However. The last two weeks at University have been productive and creative. All my lovely doll contributors will be delighted to know that the fate of the squashies is sealed. I will not reveal it until I am sure that I have the ability to actually produce it, except to say that I am very, very excited. Less successfully, I cannot seem to get my 'print' mojo in gear, and therefore I am pretending that the print room does not exist for now. I close my eyes when I walk past it, and try not to dwell on the creative vacuum that lurks for printmaking in my world. My 'snippets of fabric' collection requires another 250 samples to complete the piece that they are attached to. The entire operation of locating 600 tiny pieces of fabric, no two the same, sometimes feels like an impossible task. If I ask you repeatedly if you have a scrap fabric bag, and can I share it, just nod and smile. I will move onwards to another victim....

Am beginning to think about a subject for my 3500 word essay. Its likely to be contemporary body and performance art. This may well encompass an artist who masturbated below a false floor as his performance in a gallery, and another who covered himself in his own excrement prior to masturbating and then vomiting. I kid you not. Its a journey of discovery. Just researching at the moment. It needs a strong stomach and a broad mind.

The farmer and I have snatched a weekend away near Battle and Hastings, mostly thanks to the kindness of our lovely niece Emily. She gallantly drove over twice a day and exercised/fed the hounds. Without this assistance we could not have made the weekend, so are truly grateful (as were the dogs...). Photos follow:
the Farmer & Mr Black singing in the rain
Mr and Mrs Black sheltering from a downpour in the crypt.
Myself, at the end of a long day. Tired, muddy and looking like a tramp. Enjoying the only bit of sunshine against the walled garden wall (can I write that?) When I stood up some sort of alarming weed had deposited thousands of tiny, sticky seeds all over my back and bum, and I'm still picking them out of the wool of the jacket. I know it wasn't there when I sat down.....
The driest soldier in the army...
We attended a huge re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings. In the rain. And the mud. And the cold. All day. In fact, despite everything the weather could throw at us, quite a happy and exciting time was had by all. And the re-enacters, all 1000 of them, were absolutely marvellous.
Adieu, adieu for now.

Monday, 1 October 2012

final canvas in set of 6

Well folks, here's my first 'set' of work, the final canvas finished today (the one that looks like an ammonite from a distance!). There's a red suede mannekin on each canvas. If you have the opportunity I would be delighted to hear youR thoughts, good or bad.
I am now beginning 'The Big Wahooney', a single piece, identical theme, but rather larger. Will keep you posted.
*singing now* 'Three more dolls arrrived today, doodah, doodah. Three more dolls arrived today, doodah, doodah, day'. And its not too late folks. If anyone out there in webland feels they could make a doll to a very simple pattern,( the doll to be the canvas on which to illustrate the feelings you have about a very important relationship) Just get sewing. Or knitting. Or even just cutting out and pinning. It will have many, varied, and very emotional friends......
So, a productive and fulfilling day today. Two printing subjects being prepared, one silk screen and one collagraph, which I should be able to work on later this week or early next.
However, I woke up with a migraine, and am drugged up to the nines tonight, so perhaps an early night might be in order. So for now, au revoir, and GET SEWING!!! xxxxxx