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Sunday, 29 September 2013

And the harvest is.............IN!

The weeds of shame (don't even ask) have finally been cut, the rape seeds shaken free of the encroaching overgrowth, the resultant woody stems baled and cleared, and whoop-de-whoop, the last field is DONE! Relief apparent for both the Farmer and me, the growth of the weeds of shame have been something of a bone of contention at this house. Thank all the gods that this growing season is now complete.

After taking a day to recover from a migraine yesterday I am on form today, baking and cooking like a dervish, cleaning and vacuuming now that the (very large) chicks have pushed off once more.

Have firm ideas about the direction of this term's college work (not for the faint-hearted) and researching far and wide for the dissertation thingy.


I have a friend who is about to start out in business making fancy back shirts (dinner shirts or office shirts) bespoke. Choose your gaudy fabric, and she will tailor it into a new, high end, designer, plain fronted, sober shirt which only displays its giddy heart when you remove your jacket. She is such a clever needle-woman I believe it will be a roaring success. I have ordered one each for the boys on the basis that they will be walking advertisements at their University events!

Must press on, much to do, much to do.... X

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Home news

 Pretty pleased that my vine has come to fruition this Autumn. I remembered to pinch out as many grape clusters as I could find, and as a result, these three are plumping up nicely. Some time I would like to learn how to look after the vine itself, its like a triffid, absolutely enormous, and I have a suspicion it needed cutting back at some time!

Another Autumn surprise. The Motherbulb has not only thrown off another dozen young bulbs for splitting and potting on,  she has found the time (and energy) to bring a little colour to my Autumn days. Anyone would think I was green-fingered. As it happens I mostly have killing fingers, but those that can survive my care and attention seem to push on and do extremely well indeed. Tough on the inside and the outside.

Life needs a little something to cheer it sometimes, and I found these in Waitrose recently. Mmmmm. The orange flavoured gin is  ..... citrusish, and moreish, I have yet to sample Bloom's Premium. Something to look forward to as the nights draw in!
Pottering forward towards my birthday and 25th wedding anniversary, both of which have come around in practically the blink of an eye. October may contain a trip to Brighton to listen to an Artist talk about 'ladyparts', a flight to Poland to see some Abakanowicz Sculptures and a wedding anniversary holiday. I see that every weekend is already spoken for (sigh). No wondering where the time runs away to! Took the Baby Boy shopping yesterday, for appropriate clothing and footwear for his new Masters endeavour, also new tyre for his car (its just worn out!) and usual stationery requisites. Bank account now so light it practically floated away last night when I check depredations. Guessing Mothers never have any funds to call their own.....thinking I might have to sell my soul (or what's left of it) to fund October's gadding around. Oh well, as the baby boy would say - YOLO!!!Slightly damp eyed at the prospect of the nest being empty again - let's hope for puppies...
Toodle ooooo X

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

6 so far - look away those of a sensitive disposition....

Delighted with the set. Thinking I might make a screen print thingy to be able to silk screen one repetitively. Happy days.

Big boy pipeline walking near Caistor. Baby Boy packing to go to the Royal. Busy times.

Monday, 16 September 2013

And so, it begins

Well, here are the first, trial sketches. Mixed papers, varying techniques, and A1 size...
my neighbour in the next studio at college can't even look at the drawings, and was so appalled by the photos that she could hardly talk. Only one or two students have been into my space to look, or discuss, the imagery, though it's early days yet.

The fourth sketch. I was particularly pleased with it, however my fellow students (the two who were courageous enough to look) disliked it more than the others. Hmmmm. I have now selected one of these images to draw 6ft tall. What a challenge! I need a set of steps...

Took an elderly, and moulting, mink stole apart at the weekend. To my immense surprise each of the 6 pelts had a mask/head complete with a pair of glass eyes and a black waxen nose, a pair of hind legs and its tail. So, I have brought all 6 little furry fellows into college, and am moderately sure that there will be an opportunity to use them in my installation towards Christmas. They look quite excited about it don't they! Currently they are just 'hanging around' watching the world go by through their hard little glassy eyes.
Here is the MONSTER roll of drawing paper now erected on the wall of my college studio ready for the first fandango drawing..... The size of the drawing surface scared me to bits.... gathering courage tonight to make a beginning tomorrow.
I other news. The Baby Boy's eyes are improving and stabilising. He leaves for the Royal Agricultural College to start his Masters in 2 weeks. He's excited. The Big Boy has not had time to come home for weeks, hoping, really hoping, that he is coming this weekend. He's as busy as a bee.
The farmer continues to struggle through his harvest. Beans will be a bit longer before they can be collected, apparently. Bad weather has currently stopped play, though ploughing continues.
Here's the baby boy wearing his 'sleep goggles' which protect his newly operated on eyes from being rubbed in the night. We thought he looked rather 'froggy'. Probably hoping for a kiss from a princess.

And here's the yellow boy after winning his class at a local show two weeks ago. We had a fun day out. I rode him to the show, took off his tack and left it on a bale of straw, went into the show ring and won, then tacked him up again to go home. I carried all our 'stuff' in a rucksack on my back, and also carried a shooting stick to sit on whilst at the show. I hope you are truly impressed! It would have been a damned sight easier to have taken the horsebox!
Surely there's been much more action 'down on the farm' but at the moment I can't think of any. Too, too tired to have fully operational memory! Never mind. I will try harder next time.

Mucho luvo duckies XX