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Sunday, 29 September 2013

And the harvest is.............IN!

The weeds of shame (don't even ask) have finally been cut, the rape seeds shaken free of the encroaching overgrowth, the resultant woody stems baled and cleared, and whoop-de-whoop, the last field is DONE! Relief apparent for both the Farmer and me, the growth of the weeds of shame have been something of a bone of contention at this house. Thank all the gods that this growing season is now complete.

After taking a day to recover from a migraine yesterday I am on form today, baking and cooking like a dervish, cleaning and vacuuming now that the (very large) chicks have pushed off once more.

Have firm ideas about the direction of this term's college work (not for the faint-hearted) and researching far and wide for the dissertation thingy.


I have a friend who is about to start out in business making fancy back shirts (dinner shirts or office shirts) bespoke. Choose your gaudy fabric, and she will tailor it into a new, high end, designer, plain fronted, sober shirt which only displays its giddy heart when you remove your jacket. She is such a clever needle-woman I believe it will be a roaring success. I have ordered one each for the boys on the basis that they will be walking advertisements at their University events!

Must press on, much to do, much to do.... X