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Monday, 30 November 2009

xmas newletter and annual roundup

Lanzarote - November 2009

Alec - June 2009

John, his Grandad (my Dad), Jack (Elizabeth's youngest), and me February 2009

Lanzarote landscape (volcanoscape) - November 2009

Treacle and Fudge wishing you a merry christmas

Strange Skipper Reindeer creature celebrating Christmas.
Hello campers! And wishing you a Merry Christmas for 2009 and a great New Year for 2010. We are hoping for New Year cheer for 2010. In February John had a huge 18th celebration in Friskney Village Hall, photo shows me, Dad, John and Elizabeth's son Jack at the party. Good time had by all. Photo of Alec taken by a friend during the summer. Photo of Hugh in Lanzarote last week enjoying 80 degree sunshine. Black landscape was also Lanzarote which turned out to be entirely comprised of volcanic ash and rock - a tiny bit difficult to stray off the beaten track, your shoes would be torn to pieces! Yellow horse sporting thick winter coat, mud up to his eyeballs, and strange pair of red antlers especially for Christmas. Small dogs modelling bespoke santa hats, which didn't impress them much, but provided a photo opportunity for Christmas cards this year.
Its been a funny year, up and down with family health, and John dropping out of University. He's now living at home, hoping to find part time work (bar work or similar) and have another go at Higher Education in 2010, same year as Alec. Hopefully he will find a course more suited to his character than Mathematics. Perhaps Agricultural College? Who knows. He's busy choosing even as I type. Alec has chosen History for his degree, and has a few offers of places in hand. I think two further offers will come in during January 2010 then he must make a shortlist of 2 and do his best for his A levels. John was pleased to get a double distinction in his business studies at A level, and a B in his Maths A level. Quite a relief on the day they came through, a sleepless night was had by all of us the night before results! He liked East Anglia University but found degree level maths terribly dull and knew almost immediately he had made a mistake. So here he is at home again keeping us all entertained!
Much camping was done by endless teenagers during the summer months, out in the field with the fire pit, and all behaviour creditable. Sadly, the fire pit has now gone (for sheep to graze the area) so I don't know if we can offer the facility next summer. We shall have to see.
Horrible black dog has gone to a better place. Her heart gave out during the hot summer months, so she didn't suffer and surprised us with her passing. She was quickly replaced by the two cocker spaniel pups photographed - which are turning out to be a lot of work! We easily forget how much attention pups need to grow into balanced canines (these two probably won't make the grade...). They are bought to breed with, so hoping for puppies next year.
After much dithering I am keeping Skipper the yellow horse. During the Spring and Summer he got a bit lively on the spring grass, and a friend had to come and help me be a braver rider. He has returned to his usual quiet character with the disappearance of the lush spring grazing. After two years of owning him we are becoming accustomed to his foibles and I could sell him and buy another horse with much worse problems. So, he's staying. He has learned to live out in the field day and night. And to grow a thick winter coat. And to enjoy mud. Right at home then.
Alec still playing hockey for Boston Men's, and football for UVI school team. He fills the house with friends almost every weekend, which means lots of bacon roll consumption on Sunday mornings. It could be much worse!
Hugh and I have just come back from a week of R&R in Lanzarote. Gorgeous weather, but bit short on landscape (unless you like volcanic rock). Much of interest, but probably don't need to go back again. We came home wider than we went, hotel deal was 'all in' including wine and beer. Sadly making the most of this offer has meant that we cast quite large shadows in the winter sunshine.. ...
Its been a difficult year for visiting and travelling, there has been much to keep us occupied around work and home, but hoping for a bit more flexibility next year. With both boys now driving themselves and no longer needing one of us to pilot them around it might mean we can give ourselves a bit more time for friends.
As ever, kettle on, and new teapot always full in kitchen. Call in anytime!

Monday, 2 November 2009

skipper's new coat

As promised, a photo of the new coat, which includes neck coverage for extra comfort! I like this fabric so much I have ordered a matching sweatshirt for me! Everyone else thinks the horse ensemble is absolutely appalling, and seriously unmacho, but I LOVE it! Poor Skipper.