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Friday, 6 December 2013

Long time, long time

Where to start? Been a long time, mainly because I seem to have transferred my computing completely to the new iPad, and sadly iPad doesn't like blogging. I'm not sure why. So, all photos recently have been on the iPad, or my phone, neither of which talk to this laptop. I need to replace the laptop probably, but that's not happening just now. Anyhows, excuses aside, my work for my first semester at skool is done, and is photographed above. The silk screen prints (on silk, and hand hemmed in red silk) have been put away, they didn't make the cut, I am only exhibiting the Big Red Tent. Make of it what you will! Next term, for my degree show, I shall be making and exhibiting 3 tents with lady-parts. I'll keep you posted. Here's a heads up though - the degree show is at the beginning of June 2014, at University Centre, Grimsby, and I would be delighted to see you there.

November has slithered by in the winking of an eye. My cousin arrived from Australia for 48 wonderful hours shared with his English family, particularly my Dad. All very emotional. He was swiftly followed by his daughter, her husband and their two children who made a rather longer stay of a week! It was absolutely wonderful to get to know the next generation. I hope the smalls will remember us!

The yellow horse endured a very uncomfortable November with his back. I think he might have a trapped sciatic nerve. He has had several remedial massages, new shoes and is now on anti-inflammatories, all of which should contribute towards making him more comfortable.

Gardener's Question Time (Radio 4) was recorded in Wainfleet towards the end of November, The Farmer and I rolled up, clutching our tickets and our questions. I am a big fan. As luck would have it one of our questions was selected for the recording, and I took my place on the front row to complete my radio experience. It was a great evening.

Dog news. The eternal virgin (the blue roan bitch) duly came into season towards the end of November. Once more, despite James' determined charm onslaught, she seemed to be resisting all his attempts to coerce her into a sexual liaison. However, as I walked them all over the fields yesterday the tiny poodle must have surprised her, and caught her off her guard - and WHOOPPEE!!! The deed is done. Obviously we don't know whether there will be a puppy shaped outcome to their consorting together, but we are hopeful. Not as hopeful as James though, who is now working hard at repeating his lucky break!

Early December has seen me beginning to purchase white wedding dresses on eBay for my post Christmas tent-making, also pink, red and grey fabric. I have sourced 10 meters of sack-cloth, and hand-dyed it grey. All for same installation work. Can't describe how excited I am with the concept. I hope I have the technical skills to bring it all to fruition. This success is tempered by my absolute and utter failure in the dissertation writing department. I cannot bore you with the details, suffice to say I have now written three beginnings for three different dissertations, each of 4500 words. As the entire total only needs to be 10000 words I am feeling pretty worn out! Hoping my third writing effort proves to 'the one' as I am pretty satisfied with it - the decision, however, rests with my dissertation tutor, and she's a hard taskmaster.

Finally, yesterday and today have seen a TIDAL SURGE down the East Coast. Its been a very uncomfortable and tense time, poor old Boston, and Hull have really caught it, and Skegness has not emerged dry from the experience either. More news to follow, as photos are only just beginning to come in.

All in all, its been an interesting month, and year. I think its the right time to wish you all a SUPER HAPPY, PEACEFUL AND RELAXING Christmas, and much success in 2014.

Mucho festive love.... Cx

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Paul King said...

Another great blog to sum up an eventful last few weeks. We look forward to the next.