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Saturday, 18 January 2014

dog ball....

 The farrier came yesterday, and after he had finished shoeing the yellow horse he lit up his oven again and popped one of the old shoes inside. He was hammering away whilst I rugged up the horse and turned him back out. When I returned to the farrier's van to pay and say cheerio he was just finishing remodelling the old shoe into this pan stand! He made one for all his customers this Christmas. One of his customers lost her horse to colic shortly after he gave her the remodelled old shoe. She is delighted to have such a lovely keepsake. And so am I. Absolutely delighted.
And tonight all our canines are loving the fire. Very much.


Paul King said...

A really nice keepsake, and a very astute farrier. He will never lose a customer if he continues with this.

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